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Re: 'new girl ... any advice.' Thanks loads


Thanks for the many useful replies: yes I will take the symbicort as prescribed.

As far as smoking goes, ironically I gave up completely about a month before I was diagnosed with COPD (I was coughing that badly, I used Champix, fantastic, it seemed really easy, I recommend it to anyone who is trying to quit). I haven't had a chest infection or cough since; so mystified as to why my FEV1 should have dropped so quickly.

As advised, I have an appointment with respiratory nurse in early Jan so I may find out more. Several people mention exercise, I am certainly a lot more idle since diagnosis, I still work (teach) full time and walk the dogs (if its not p**ing with rain ..... so not often lately!), but have stopped swimming, my once regular exercise. I will make it my new years resolution.

Again, thanks all, hope your breathing stays as easy as possible and have a restful fun and refreshing Christmas

Bolilly xx

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I also used Champix and didn't have problems with breathing until I stopped smoking. Apparently, that is very common.

I think it was a miracle drug for me!

Lynne xx


Bolilly, fantastic! Brilliant to be a non smoker eh?

Great to hear you are going to take positve action re your medication and exercise. And yes, seeing the respiratory nurse will hopefully be helpful too. I find that after my diagnosis, 9 years ago now, I now have a self care plan which works for me, ( am still working now and again) if I deviate off the plan then my health level drops off, so I get back on it pretty quickly!

Medication and Exercise are so important, they keep me well enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So enjoy this Christmas time, and I wish you good health for 2013



Hello Bolilly, good news giving up the smokes, fev1 numbers are known to fluctuate by as much as 5% or more, could be many reasons, stay positive and look after yourself,swimming is the best all round exercise you can get.Hopefully your test in Jan will be a 'better' one!

Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year!!! :) xxx


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