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Annual COPD check up

Well hubby had his annual COPD check up the other day.

2 years ago he was smoking heavily and FEV1 was 30%.

Last year FEV1 was 48%

Now 2 years after giving up smoking FEV1 is 55% :)

He hardly eats. Drinks too much wine. Never excersises.

Sleeps too much (but that is improving slightly with him up more

during the day).

Yet got this improved FEV just through giving up smoking,

so shows you how worth it, it is.

Nurse didnt seemed bothered by his weight loss, so guess Im

not going to worry too much about it now.

However nurse did say this FEV is just an approximate guide.

She first gave the figures as 0.08 ?

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Those are very uplifting figures Gocat. Glad to see the wonderful progress. We all tend to lose a little weight at the beginning, just ensure that if he is not eating much at least he is eating what is good for him. xx


Hi Gocat, glad to see his made such an improvement, i lost lot of weight at the start, but now after yrs of steriods im heavier than i would like to be so guess it just goes up and down. Like aunty mary said just make sure what he eats is good for him, i know when i have infections like now i dont want to eat,, so know its not as easy as it sounds, take care xx


what fab news for your hubbie. ...if I needed motivating to quit moking this is it...thanks so much :) x


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