I'm here

I've been working quite a lot and now have my sister visiting, so I haven't got on here much, and might not for a few days.

I hope you are all as well as you can be.

On Thursday I travelled to Bristol working and my breathing was not good. I think it was partly because I was getting tense as I couldn't find the building where I was supposed to be. Friday I was in Telford and fine! Could even manage a heavy briefcase and a flight of stairs. It's weird how different 2 days can be.

Do others find this?

On another note, it's great to see quite a few new people on here. However, some seem to be missing. I can't think of them all but Rose, Mrs Shimmy etc. I hope all are well and just busy. (I hope you're good too Gordon) xx

Lynne xx

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  • Hi Lynne.

    I echo your sentiments and welcome to hear from our missing friends.

    Richard Cornish

    Breathe Easy = Friendship

  • Hi Lynne,

    I hope you have a great time with your sister and don't end up suffering like you did on Thursday. I'm a newbie on here and have found everyone to be really friendly, helpful and informative.

    Regards, Fatboy

  • Hope you are having some fun this weekend with your sister and you stay well and warm! it could be the weather that effects our day-to-day,the change in high and low pressure seems to make a big difference.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend! :) x

  • Good to hear from you Lynne, think we are all busy at this time of year. I can't wait for the crocus to appear and snowdrops. Take care Lizzie x

  • Hi Lynne, it is a very busy time of year at the moment but I hope you stay well. It is so cold and our little grandson has been unwell, just one cold after another. I get a bit worried as his dad has asthma which is not good. Grandson is only coming up for 6 months but has been checked over by the GP and has not got a chest infection. Phew! Dare I say it, but Pete is doing quite well so far! Hope I haven't jinxed him! Take care everyone and wrap up warm. Thinking of you all. xxxxx

  • Hi Lynne hope you're back to your positive self by now. I know what you mean about breathing difficulties sometimes and not others. Good you are managing your work and having your family round and I hope this is just an isolated incident. Pretty sure it was as this happens to me (breathlessness) on a daily basis when I'm trying to get from a to b and worryingly haven't been able to speak on the phone or socialise with even my close family just in case they notice this is worsening - silly because I am of an age when it could be put down to old age and although some of them are a distance away, they are understanding people. You are far from that (the old age syndrome I mean) so try to forget it and enjoy the festive season x

  • Hi Lynne, You have been busy!! Flights of stairs and a suitcase! My husband can have really bad days for absolutely no reason but I have noticed that stress can really affect his breathing. We have stopped flying for that reason - the stress of getting to the airport on time, and all the other stresses when you get there! So glad you are having good days. You are right Lavendar1 - it could be also we are all getting a bit older!! Hope you continue to be well and busy! Enjoy Christmas. TAD xx

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