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Hi, I am a mum to 3 beautiful children, one of which has had croup since he was 9 months old and has been hospitalized with 4 times, feb 12


Hi, I am a mum to 3 beautiful children, one of which has had croup since he was 9 months old and has been hospitalized with 4 times, Feb this year he was ill all day and by 5 in the afternoon he had a bad coughing fit which resulted in me taking him to the hospital on the way he had what looked to me as a panic attack and stopped breathing his airway had completely closed and he had tubes sticking in every available vein and was on oxygen for the 4 days he was in hospital, since then in the cold he gets out of breath and dizzy, I have taken him to the doctors with this and was given an appointment at our hospital but it was cancelled due to high volumes of people with more urgent needs, my son almost died and they don't think this needs urgent treatment, in my opinion it seems to me that he has asthma and i can buy a blue reliever pump but i have doubts with using this without getting some info first, will it cause him any harm if he doesn't have asthma? I would really some opinions as this is quite worrying and i'm constantly checking him in his sleep to make sure he's breathing!! Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

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I wouldn't buy an inhaler as they are adult usage, you need to go back to your GP and get him re-refered, your Gp may prescibe an inhaler for him. Its scary isn't it when the little ones have breathing issues, it happened to two of my sons when they were small. Keep mithering your GP, its up to them to sort it out!

Thanks for the reply, I have managed to get him an appointment today as he got a bit breathless and dizzy this morning at school so I'm going to make sure the doctor does something today.

thats great, good luck x

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If you want to talk things through with one of the nurses on the BLF Helpline , give us a call on 03000 030 555 - ask to speak to Barbara or Vicky.



Oh dear, one of mine was like that so I know how bad and useless you feel. times have changed since my son had it so I won't offer advice but want to tell you he did grow out of it and has no trouble nowadays.

I took him to the doctors yesterday and we finally got an asthma pump which is great atleast it gives us some piece of mind. Thanks for all of your replies.


Stick to your guns and if the GP won't refer him, tell him you want to go private, and if they find anything you will sue them, that will get them off their backsides. When it comes to children you never, ever take risks, so stick to your guns and tell them you want a second opinion or a third one if it comes to that. Do not give up, make a nuisance of yourself until something is sorted out.

A few years ago I was treated for 6 months for a hole in my lung, I was so ill and asked to be referred to a specialist, he refused to I said right, I am going private. He referred me straight away (not private) and it was discovered I had Asthma. I changed doctors.

Hi Claredoodle

Just seen this. Firstly big up for Mums. I would urge you not to self treat with a blue inhaler, the dosage is not meant for children. You don't know yet if he is suffering from asthma, some other respiratory condition or not.

I find it unacceptable that your appointment was cancelled. I am sure you will fight his corner and go back to your GP and request an appointment with a respiratory consultant. By the way it doesn't have to be the same one as before or even the same hospital. You can check out a good resp cons and request to see them. You need to know what's going on for your little one and for you own peace of mind.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

With love


I have asked for him to be referred back to the hospital which the doctor has done the appointment isn't until after Xmas but it's still an appointment. So far he has been ok, no coughing fits like before. I'll let you all know how we get on, and thank you all for your replies x

when my twins have croup I find very cold air helpful. it stops the cough getting out of control and seems to calm the child. we wrap them up and look at the stars in the frost. I turn all the heating off and open a window - works a treat! have been to hospital with mine on several occasions due to croup,tried steroids but this is the best cure!! try it

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