Who having looked at my continuing oral thrush out break, checked my Oxy level Informed me that she did not see why I needed to take Steroid inhalers at all and also that my puffing and panting was all my fault.

Walking up the hill to the Surgery had nothing to do with it and obviously she knows better than all the specialists at the R/Clinic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Appalling.

  • That is one strange doctor !

  • I hope you told her to contact your consultant before making judgement. Don't they make you sick. I suppose she was young and spoke to you like a 5 year old, we have one like that at my surgery.


  • Nope not young, she strides/marches about purposefully and manages her time the same!

    She did make a big thing about my refusing the Flu jab, had she bothered to read the notes about my needle Phobia.................................................................................

    We did have an ex military type Locum who snorted in disgust when I mentioned the BLF, he thought that they were a bunch of interfering so and so's best left well alone.

    Still on the bright side I have enjoyed nearly two weeks of feeling that much better that I had almost started thinking 'C.O.P.D me? are they sure??'

    Then yesterday afternoon................................................................................................



  • Weird doctors. Lucky at my surgery. I had to change surgeries some years ago because I had the same trouble. Best thing I did.

  • There are good and bad, we have two good one not so good but you can always get to see him!

    Lib x

  • In reply to woodshapers very true statement having just been to see the third different doctor in 4 mnths the last 2 only been there for 1 day only to fill in I would like to share my experience of todays supposed caring Hippocratic oath doctor .Made appointment for 12.30 arrived 12-15 was asked to sit at the end of the passage which is about 30 yards long with about 15 rooms in it I was sat outside the end door which was the doctor I was to see . 12-30 came ,no movement 12-40 a nurse walked out of doctors office 12-45 doctor comes out of office glances at me and walks down another passage comes back another glance back into office 12-55 I was just just about to walk to receptionist when doctor came out she made excuse she had been calling me in the waiting room .I Went to see her because I have been over seas for a stem cell procedure and they wanted to me to see my doctor to make sure a small cut was healing ok and also I have my usual 2 monthly lung infection whilst trying to explain to her why I was there I mentioned that when the doctors said they would be coming to see me at 6-15 they would be there at 6-15 just in explaining how good they had been to me.This was her reply in her own words WAS YOU PAYING FOR TREATMENT .yes THEN THAT IS WHY THEY WOULD BE ON TIME. This is the main reason I have written this as being a bit slow I should have asked her how much she would want me to pay to see her on time and could I have a discount for the amount I have already payed in taxes for her services and training.I am sorry this is a bit long winded but I am so disgusted with the attitude that they think we should be grateful that a twenty something young lady would condescend to treat us . After14 minutes she asked me to leave as she had other patients to see then I had to go back to her as she had not given me presciption to replace my rescue pack told her I needed new spacer and ventolin she left off the ventolin she did well she got 2out of 3 things right.again sorry but I dont think I could have made it any shorter.And so proud we used to be of our NHS not any more I am truly sorry to say .Iwish good health and easy breathing to every one over xmas Dave PS And Gordon your two pennyworth is missed.

  • I found this hard to follow but appreciate how you feel. I would have been furious at this patronising attitude. I am wondering if you could reported their attitude maybe to PALS. Not sure which body but dont think you should take this lying down, but feeling poorly do you need any further aggro.

  • maybe down a bit but not out sorry I have not expressed myself clearly if you have anything that requires clearing up I will more than happy to answer any questions fully

  • thought it was just me!

    I have been going to my GP since Aug with what started as a cough and ? chest infection. My Gp has been great. I have had x rays numerous combination's of inhalers been on steroids and 3 different lots of antibiotics. think it just to see what works best for me. My breathing seems to be getting worse! think the Doc has gone has far has he can anyway. I have got an appointment to see a specialist on 30th Nov.

    Last Thursday i went to see my Gp but he had been called away and I had to see a Locum. I asked for a script for another preventer inhaler as there wouldn't be enough until the 30th. she said shouldn't have that it for asthmatics!!! asked how often i used my ventolin inhaler i replied this week i seem to have to use it more so 4- 6 times a day. her reply SHOULD ONLY USE IT TWICE A WEEK..

    omg what a quack.

    because my breathing a been bad i have been on sick from work. and because my sicknote ran out that day I asked for another. she would only give me one for 1 week i explained that the week after was my appointment with the specialist so would not be able to go to work on the Friday. her reply. well i am going to send you to Hospital for a neb. you may be fine to return to work after having the neb.!!!

    needless to say I wasn't (in fact the hospital wanted me to stay in for nebs over night

    I finished up last week feeling like a scrounger. prior to this episode my last visit to my GP was 15 years ago after a car accident (a minor bump). I have always up to now been in good health i am 60 years old and never been out of work since i started work a 15 . sorry for long post. but it does help if you write it down.

    keep warm and healthy as possible everyone x

  • I forgot to mention in my rant about GP she told me that the doctors did not deal with COPD they left it with the practice nurses

  • I too have come up against this problem,the practice nurses know about as much as the GPs.(nothing).Had it not been for our Lung Function Unit at our local hospital,I dont think I would be here now.

  • Dear fishtail did you just go to lung function unit yourself or was you referred .Any way I Am glad you have found help whichever way and are still here today

  • I ended up having a "heated" argument with my GP,I "politely" said that i wasnt happy with the way things were going and would prefer to have xray and tests etc,due to my medical history.He wasnt too happy about it and said my breathing problems were due to smoking,I told him I didnt smoke when I was 6yrs old when I had a collapsed lung and TB.(the prat)I didnt start smoking until my 20s,Anyhow he finally refered me,At 60yrs old I was finally diagnosed with Bronchiectasis Alpha 1A,(genetic) and copd,(smoking).so for the past 6yrs Ive been having hospital treatment rather than a quacks.I wish I'd been more out spoken when I was younger.Good luck to you.stand your ground,dont move out of the surgery until you get a referal,if all else fails go to A&E.

  • Last time I made routine request for nystan fir oral thrush caused by nebulised antibios, new doc, keen as mustard, rang to quiz me about chronic thrush. After a lot of umming and ahhing he said I ought to be tested for HIV. Nearly fell off bed laughing and could feel his blushes when I told him I've bee housebound for the last year, am 64, weigh 4st ( not a good look) and haven't had a relationship for 20 years!

  • Idont know who will be more sensible when it is visit to doctor or consultation with a computer

  • So true, pointeyorky. Might as well consult the crew of Red Dwarf sometimes!

  • Great reply Bluemagic wish I had thought of it although I had nano science treatment 2 weeks ago by a russian doctor but he had never heard of red dwarf .

    with regards Dave

  • I had a dreadful gp once, incompetent and uncaring, in fact all 3 drs at the surgery were the same. On the last occasion I saw him, he said (without examining me) that there was nothing wrong with me "only asthma". I left and my sister took me to another gp, who had me admitted to hospital the same day, with pneumonia and pleurisy! At this surger the doctors are so lovely, always listen and take time to explain things properly, and the other staff too are wonderful, friendly, cheerful and efficient. They make you feel as if your wellbeing really matters to them, unlike the other place (which is still going, and people are still complaining).

    Don't put up with this woodshaper, go on the nhs choices website and look at practices in your area and see what patients say about them. Ask around your neighbours and friends too. You need a good gp to be able to manage any lung condition and stay well. My new doctor has made such a difference, he really helps me.

    love, ff x

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