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Cracked ribs

Monday night sleep walking I fell on the radiator hurt my ribs and gashed my arm, I was in agony. Dennis wanted to take me to A & E, but I'd got an appointment with the resp. nurse next day so sat it out, she dressed my arm and the doctor checked my breathing where the pain was and said air was going in and out (at least I think that's what he said), he said I'd most likely cracked a rib or two so am in real pain. Have some Tramadol which helps a bit but tends to make me very sleepy.

Notice there is another Libby joined the site - welcome Libby. So not to get confused I shall sign off as Lib.

Hope every one is OK, very windy here today.

All the best Lib.

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Cracked ribs are very painful and can go on for weeks. I had it last year when I had a fall down the stairs at home.

Look after yourself.

Lynne xx

Hi Lib, let the tramadol work and take it easy, no rushing cracked ribs.

Take care

Polly xx

Hope you start mending soon, take care. xx

Ouch!!! loads of shoulder hugs (so's not to hurt your ribs) hope you're soon on the mend.

Take care




A few years ago I had a cracked rib from coughing. The doctor said take Ibuprofen every 8 hours ans paracetamol every other 8 hours. 8am take 2 ibuprofen and at 12 noon take 2 paracetamol etc.

This is my 1st comment and I find most of them very useful and helpful.

I have moderate/severe COPD and high blood pressure.Have just been diagnosed with diabetes type 2

Hi Lib, you poor thing (and sorry you've had to change your name because of me!). A cracked rib is excruciating and us copd suffers tend to hold ourselves a bit stiff at the best of times which won't help things; I hope you're feeling better soon. I don't know your age but did anyone mention osteoporosis at the docs? It's quite common with copd sufferers because of taking steroids. Am only saying this because I have it and by the time I found out about 5 years ago it was already at the moderate/severe stage. However, with treatment, it apparently hasn't got any worse. I've replied to the lovely comment you sent me yesterday separately on that particular post. Best wishes. Libby

Libby I wish you a speedy recovery, I have cracked my ribs as well and I know what your going through. Best

oh libby, hope you are ok sounds awlful, and very painful hope u make a quick recovery and take it easy, love n best wishes debs xx

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