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I go to an excercise class which is a spin off from PR we go once every 2 weeks because we had to split the class as there were too many people. I quite like going and feel really good when I come out. I always say I am going to excercise at home every day but I cannot work up the enthusiasum, in fact can't work it up for anything at the moment.

To the point.

I am thinking about buying a treadmill I used to love using the one at the PR gym, has anyone got one and what do you all think.


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I had one for over a year, but found that it took up too much space in the room in which I used it. Also, if you fold it away (and they are VERY heavy) to create space, then you are less likely to want to heave it out again to use it.

But............... I did enjoy it and I am considering buying another once we've move to a bigger property. Hopefully, I'll then have a room dedicated to exercising in :) (I live in hope ;) )


Hi Polly

I bought a "Dreadmill" some years ago on EBay - luckily it turned out the selling company was only a few miles from me. It is very professional BUT heavy althought I have to say the price was very good.

We were hardly able to use the treadmill/exercise equipment at PR as the gym didn't belong to the hospital hence my buying one. I did use it to start with and kept my times and speeds on a daily notepad and yes, I improved hugely but I don't really like exercising on my own.

It does take up a fair bit of space in my dining room (OK so we use the kitchen table) and secondly I don't think it is giving me the same work out as if you were walking as it is actually helping a little bit to propel you along. However, if it's cold and wet outside that's not great for exercising either.

I do wish you well and hope that you will enjoy your treadmill as much as you did in the gym - I think that is your main criteria?????? (and a bit of space).



Hi Polly,

You go for it, i bought an exercise bike a little while ago, and i was the same, will i use it?

Well the answer is YES, i use it every two days, for an hour at a time. i have noticed a big improvement in my breathing. i come up the stairs put on my headphones, find a good track and away i go, im even losing a bit of weigh after a couple of years inactivity.

So don't think about it, please do it, you will feel better.

Look forward to seeing your blogs about using the treadmill

Take Care




must agree with you Mucks, i bought a exercise bike to and its in my bedroom,but Im not as good as you Muck as I only do 5 mins twice daily past 2 months, will I ever get to an hour phew xxx


mine is too heavy for the bedroom floor so unfortunately I have to clear an outside room to be able to use it !


Hi Pollyjj - I am seriously considering buying one for my husband - whether he wants it or not!!! Actually we were talking at the weekend that as the cold weather affects him very badly he tries not to go out as much and this must affect his fitness levels in winter so we thought it could be a good idea. If you find a suitable one at a good price - please let me know. Thank you TAD xx


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