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DLA Turned down im appealing the decision

Thanks for your help last week. i could not reply my computer was playing up thanks allfor your comments.

Tonight i had a call from a Doctor who wants to come and see me, He said the DWP are sending him to visit me at home. But when i filled in my 2nd application i told them to get a report from my consultant. but i was turned down again. so i appealed the decision and now they are sending this Dr from Atos. i am concerened as the last Dr from Atos got me turned down. i can only think that they are looking at my case again before my appeal. i asked them under the data protection Act could i have all the information they hold on me. so i recived this last week and noticed the report the consultant for the DWP give them only information about my asthma, she would not give any information on my Depression, refux acid, and sleep apnea and ankle stability.

i am concered as i dont trust Atos Dr as my previous experence with them.

please can anybody got any advice

many thanks

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Here's what happened with me:

1) blf.healthunlocked.com/blog...

2) blf.healthunlocked.com/blog...

As yet I've not had the decision from the DWP. The ATOS guy was more interested in filling in the forms to do with my ability to wipe my bottom than to consider the reasons I had given for applying for the mobility allowance. His examination was minimal, and that's being generous !

The DWP seem to have disregarded my GP, claiming they had a letter from him dated 5 days before I saw him. He does not recall sending a letter.

Thankfully, when the ATOS doctor came, I was having a less than average day. Not the worst I get but 'suffering'. One of the 'traps' is to see who answers the door when he calls, if you go then you're not unwell or unable. My wife answered, I really wouldn't have got there on my own that day anyway.

No, don't trust them. Be very wary and make them work for their money! As long as you've included everything in your application you should be able to dispute this doctor's report if he fails to cover your inabilities properly.

The guy who came to see me had me sat down for at least 30 minutes before he asked me to move. I walked a few steps to the window then he listened to my chest. He said that he would not ask me to bend and touch my toes at it would probably make me short of breath...

Thank-you Gordon 57 this is helpful I don't trust them Regards

Hi Bridgend Fight them all the way, they want us to roll over and die


Hope it goes well for you Bridgend. x


The DLA is for help living with a disability for the under 65's (over65 it is Attendance Allowance). Carers Allowance is something totally different and is claimed by the person who helps with your daily care for over 35hrs a week. Hope this makes sense. Carole

ATOS sent a doctor to see me for my DLA claim.

Bridgend please ensure that you ask that the visit from the ATOS examiner is recorded and that when the visit ends that he gives you a copy. This is your right it is not a favour they are doing for you.

If you pass over to them a document of any sort please state for the benefit of the tape that you have done so and their response, eg " the examiner did not read the report" etc.

Remember that this person is employed to ensure you are denied State benefits, he has no interest in your condition.

The real fun only begins when you receive the brown envelope that says you have been awarded nil points and you are now classified as fit for work.


Hi Bridgend, i have seen atos dr and was turned down i got all the paperwork from them and alot of what he had written wasnt what was said, i believe they actually get paid to turn u down so be careful what u say, i am appealing through cab, and waiting for date, it didnt help that the atos dr was foreign and neither me nor my daughter could understand alot of what he said!

good luck xx

I just say be aware of everything you say or do.I also had difficulty understanding a foreign person but I repeatedly requested him to say it again or said I do not understand you concerning this question.Always ask for paperwork.Ask if you can tape the interview.Hope all goes well

Hi Hecter

Good advice there.

Just a quick remark on the tape recording. They have to tape the examination if you request it and they must supply you with a copy.

They must delay any examinations if they are unable to comply with your request.

You can of course request to tape it yourself ..... But ...... You then have to supply them with a copy.... Not many people in our financial position have a double recorder.

So get them to tape it.

It's your right, it's not a concession by the examiner.

It may buy you some extra time as well until they can get a recorder as everybody seems to be demanding recordings because of the outright lies these people come up with and they haven't all that many recorders,

Keep shining


If you have obtained DLA at lower or middle rate before you reach 65 yrs, you can apply for highest rate at any time after 65

my 4 year old daughters has a lower collapsed lung and doctors also suspect she has asthma now aswel,she is constantly coughing day and night,I don't get hardly no sleep because I need to look after her,I'm always back and forth hospital with her,she misses so much school because of her illness,if we go out for a walk I always have to carry her because she gets out of breath,I put in for dla for her and they refused,does anyone know if she is entitled to it,thanks

Hello Poppy and welcome to the forum. You have replied here on a very old thread, so may not get a response.

In order to bring your question to the attention of current members I suggest you start a new post. To do this go to the Home page and click on 'Write a post'.

In answer to your question, you could telephone the BLF Helpline (03000 030 555) tomorrow and ask to speak to their benefits advisor. I'm sure they'd be able to advise you.

Best wishes,


okay thanks

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