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Kidney biopsy

As well as having Bronchiectasis, I have had a kidney transplant too....I've been unwell for a few months so it was decided I needed a kidney biopsy.Had my Biopsy last Monday, was sent home Monday night only to be called in Tuesday morning. Biopsy showed swelling inside the transplant so I was given 3 days of iv methlyprednisolone 500mg and a ct scan was ordered. I came home Friday night feeling no better. Well today I was told I have lymphoma, don't know which type yet but fingers crossed its curable........ Also this is causing transplant failure, it never rains but it pours.

On the plus side my chest is behaving at mo.....but with this cold weather I don't know for how long. Lol

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Hi Claire317, I think I've got problems but compared with you very few, you've got alot going on at the moment lets hope your chest does carry on behaving.

Wishing you all the best Libby x


Claire you sound like one brave girl. I hope all goes well for you and the lymphoma is curable. Take care and God Bless you!


Oh Claire sorry to hear this. I was hoping it would better news from your appointment last Monday. I have everything crossed for you sweet that this is curable. You are one tough, inspirational woman.

Pleased your lungs are behaving.

Please know we are all here for you Claire.

With love



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