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Good morning you lovely people hope you are all ok. As you can see Day 18, no turning back now. Was reading a very interesting article about non planned quitting, apparently the chances of success are much greater as you don't have time to wonder if you can do it or not, or time to think how you will manage without fags!! Unsure whether its true or not, but think there is some sense in that. Personally, I would have got myself in a right panic if I had a planned day. hugs to you all Lizzie xxx

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Hello Lizzie

I totally agree I was first taken ill last New Years eve, I've not smoked since and yet I had for thirty eight years but if I had planned it I would have struggled. So well done you, keep going. x


Really pleased for you Lizzie you have done well. There's something in what the article says as I wasted time and effort giving myself too many chances to stop. I really think and hope I've done it now - going into my eleventh week. Thanks for posting - you are now supporting others including me xx

Well done lizzie and you to lavender, now you are both an inspiration to all on here wanting to quit.

polly xx

Hi Liz, well done!

If you or lavender1 are in any doubt, read Allen Carrs' book: The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently!

Even the worst addict (and I was one!) will "see the light"

Here's a link,

There is a few?? page "taster sample" of the book, glad to say it takes me back a few years now.

Any other addicts/doubters/ NCT NicotineContinuationTherapy junkies, have a look too.

Other retailers sell his books too, perhaps cheaper or your local library may have a copy?

Breathe Well,


Breathe Well


Thanks D, all very helpful am glad you quit long time ago, wish I had done. No excuses just masses of huge stresses in life.

:) x

You are doing so well. Here's to day 19!

Lynne x

Well done Lizzie and Lavender,,

you are an inspiration to others on here,

those still struggling to make that step, will feel they can also do it!

I agree with non planning, I tried numerous times marking a date! or when I finish this pack! Delay tactics, ect,,ect, but the day has to come when you just don't light up, thats the day of the rest of your life.


Well done girls, hats of to you. It is not easy. It took me a long time to give up but now i'm paying a price.


Go Lizzie!

Go Lavender!

keep going Lizzie you will soon be able to say havent had one for a month, me nearly 3 months [just bragging] wow how time flys xx

Well done you - I won't give in now thank you for your support xxx

Go Maggiemay!

Hi Lizzie , Ive been of the fags now for three and half months , did not plan on quitting until diagnosed with lung infection. I was asked by stop smoking nurse if i wanted patches or gum , tried patches for three days and found i did not need them . i smoked for forty years 20-30 a day never wanted or tried to quit before !!

Keep up the good work !!

Thank you and well done you. That was my problem I had tried before, but just loved smoking - how sad is that?

CONGRATULATIONS it can be done! You should be so proud of yourself. Take care. Auntymary xx

Well done lizzie I knew you could do it.

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