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Hi I am not sure whether to go to doctor or not

I have had a cold for 9 days and am coughing for England. It hasnt turned into a chest infection and I don't feel much more sob than usual. I am feeling tireder than usual and am sleeping more. I am getting that salty taste in my mouth when I cough which usually means infection. Do you think it will just go away if I leave it? Or is it posibble It will get worse? Will antibiotics help? I only have mild COPD.

Would appreciate thoughts on this please.

Thanks Bev x

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People with damaged lungs should never delay - you need to get your lungs checked/listened too asap and get the medicine soonest. Please try and complete a pulmonary rehabilitation course, this is something that is stressed on that course, a PR course is very important to managing your condition and preserving your lung health.

In addition, there is a huge poster in my docs surgery that says "if you have been coughing for 3 weeks or more its important you speak to your doctor"

Your choice but if you want to help protect your lung health seeking professional medical advice is the way to go.

Thanks Zoee have done PR course they didn't really cover this situation.

Bev x

I would say, if in doubt, go.

It can't hurt.

Lynne x

Yes I agree too, go to the doctors


Hypercat, if this is the start of an infection it needs hitting hard and fast. Do go.

I agree - go to the doctors. Don't wait, my husband was dreadful thought that it would be OK and it would all sort itself out but essentially he did more damage to his lungs. My advise get to the doctor and sort it out. If nothing else at least a doctor will have listened to your lungs and advise about antibiotics. Take care, TAD xx

Go, you have nothing to loose and lots to gain.

polly xx

What advice would you give if this was another member?

Go to the doctor if it's nothing good but if it's an infection you can start the treatment...

Sorry I sounded like my mum.

Keep well.


Bev please get checked out at the docs.

Love C xxx

Thanks for your replies everyone. I started to feel better the next day and today so didn't go in the end. Will see how it is Monday. If the same or any worse will take all your excellant advice. Trouble is I am booked in for my annual COPD review on 9th Nov and I can't go within 4 weeks of having a chest infection. I have a number of questions I want to ask the nurse and don't really want to put it off. One of the questions is whether I should have an emergency supply of steriod and antibiotics. Want to get the answer quickly as the dreaded winter now coming on.....brrrrrr

Bev xx

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