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Grandchildren, daughters + husbands with us from Fri to Mon night, I hardly did anything, they cook and clear up but it just exhausts me, slept for 9 hours last night.

Grandchildren had both got coughs and colds, but I would never stop them coming, they live in Knutsford, Cheshire so we don't see them all that often and they're growing up so quickly.

Think (touch wood) that I would have started with something by now.

Sitting in front of a very big fire which is making me drowsy, someone please wake me up at 12 otherwise I'll miss my lunch.

All the best from a very tired Libby x

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i know what you mean Libby - i am very close to my 4 granddaughters who live only a few minutes from me, there used to be a time when every weekend one or even two of them where staying over, we used to make cakes together and we used to make some serious mess - one of my grandduaghters thinks she doesn't need to cook them and just eats the mix!!! -unfortunately i cant cope now - its so easy to get exhausted and when they go home all i do is rest - for a few days.!!

Its lovely spending time with my girls - but nowadays its just as lovely when they go home!!!! (hate to admit that!)


yes krazylady, maybe just a part of me enjoyed the peace and quite when they'd gone but oh I do miss them, you're so lucky having your grandchildren near.

Libby x


You are so lucky having a family nearby. Both my son and daughter and their families live a far distance away. when they do visit, it goes so flat when they leave. All four grandchildren are fast growing up. My husband still drives but he cant .... I used to get exhausted when they were younger.


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