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reducing stress!

saw this today and thought I would for thought!

Ten Commandments for Reducing Stress:

1. Thou shalt not be perfect or even try to be

2. Thou shalt not be all things to all people

3. Thou shalt leave things undone that ought to be done

4. Thou shalt not spread thyself too thin

5. Thou shalt learn to say "no"

6. Thou shalt schedule time for thyself and support network

7. Thy shalt switch off and do nothing - regularly

8. Thou shalt be boring, inelegant, untidy and unattractive at times.

9. Thou shalt not feel guilty

10. Thou shalt not be thine own worst enemy, but be thine own best friend

life would be so much easier if we could pull these off at all times....maybe we should give it a try!!

Mrs S xxx

p.s. I think, for us there should be an 11th comandment...Thou shalt breath in and out, calmly and deeply, at all times!

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Thank you Mrs. S. if only! If we could do the 10 then the 11th would probably come natural!


very true!


Love it and believe every word, not that I act on it all, wish I could, think I will work on it.

polly xx



I have saved that to my home screen and will keep reminding myself,,

Then perhaps the 11th will happen.


Love it !! will keep this beside me. youve cheered me up. been sat here feeling so guilty not done much all day. still fighting this silly bug going the rounds. there is so much to do here i have been trying to declutter to make things easier but not getting on very fast. never mind get there eventually. does tend to make one very frustrated and depressed tho

Ivyleaf x.


I've done a bit too much this morning so I'm forcing myself to sit down with a cuppa for an hour or so!



Oh if only i could do all of these,life would be bliss :)


great alternative commandments mrs s! here's one from Bart Simpson:

"And now, at last it's commandment number one. Put quite simply, thou shall have fun!"

FF x


Hi Mrs S. I've printed your list - I'm going to show it to my wife who knocks herself out looking after me, her mother in a nursing home, the grandkids, our sons & daughters in law - but not herself.

Of course, I think she should concentrate on me! Well I do think that sometimes but I wish she'd have some time off for a bit of fun occasionally.

I confidently expect her to throw the paper at me.



Fantastic, I, after years and years of being my husbands carer (slave) have just started to put my foot down and say no, it is so funny seeing this as it sums up all the things I should have done years ago.


on my facebook page already, thanks. x


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