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Hi I am sorry if this is going to bore some people but I really dont know who else I can ask, all I get is "Oh he will be ok". So here goes both myself and my husband have COPD (my hubbys is worse than mine I think even though I have been in hosp due to mine)Well last year my hubby had to have a emergency stomach op and nearly died (ended up in a drug induced coma) This was one of the worse times of my life, even though sometimes he gets on my nerves (hes old school 72, 18yrs older than me) hes my life, and I would be lost without him. Now hes got to have a Hernia op in a couple of weeks , now Im worried sick that the same thing my happen again (it was something to do with his lungs filling up). Im trying to be strong for him but the stress is really starting to get to me and affecting my health too. How can I be sure that this wont happen. Thankyou for reading and once again I am sorry if I have bored anyone but I had to get this of my chest

Julia xx

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I'm sure everything will be ok as they will be aware of his lung problems before they operate this time.

My other half was rushed into hospital for a hernia op a few years ago - i drove like a bat out of hell to the hospital, walked into the ward and there he was laying there, Doctor came in and said he needed to do examination so i went for a coffee - when i got back the other half had vanished, panic set in...... but they had taken him for his op and moved his stuff to another ward!!! i was only gone 5 minutes.

Don't worry too much hun - they will be aware ( and if you are worried make them aware) of what happened last time, try not to worry, we are here for you !!

Hi there, Thanks for that if that had been me I think I would had died of panic, you ought to have seen the state of me last time, but I think alot of people think Im panicing over nothing but believe me Im in a right state over it.

I also think that when we do get to the hosp they will be able to see how worried I am and its nice to know that you are all here for me, even if its only for me to have a moan

Take care Julia xx

Hi Julia

What a difficult time for you with the last op still at the forefront of your mind.

Does your dh have a resp cons? I am only asking because when I had my gall bladder op my surgeon liaised with my resp cons, also I had a separate appointment with the anaesthetist in out patients. If not you might want to ask to speak to his surgeon re the implications for your dhs lungs.

I feel you can take comfort in the knowledge that this very different from his last op. Last time was an emergency situation. This surgery has been planned and I have no doubt they will be aware your dh has compromised lungs and will work with this in mind. After surgery if he coughs a lot and it effects the op area hold a pillow over the area for support whilst coughing or ask to see a physio. A pillow around the area in the car is also good so the seat belts are not too tight.

I think this will be a much smoother op altogether.

Wish you both well - please let us know how you both get on.

Love XXX

Hi julia, i had hernia op last year, the doctor will be fully aware of is lung condition also he will have pre op tests so you can ask any questions regarding his op then. Try not worry its a very common op so he should be ok.

did you have general or local anaethetic ?

Thankyou for your replies, we are now taking each day as at comes, but I have noticed that my hubby now seems to be depressed, and snaps at me if I ask him whats wrong,even though this upsets me I try to ignore it

Hopefully it will all be over soon thankyou all once again.

Best wishes to all and take care

Julia xx

Hi Julia

I am 75 with advanced fibrosis. I had a Hernia op.earlier this year and recovered with no problems.

Because of my lung condition they operated with just a local anesthetic. Although this was slightly uncomfortable it had the great advantage of no after effects.

Dont worry I am sure everything will be fine.


Hi Ed

Thanks and I do hope that everything will be ok

Julia xx

How do they do the local then - wa it that or the op that was uncomfortable ? thanks, x

Hi Julia. When I had a hernia op a few years ago, they gave me an epidural - they did the same when I broke my femur a couple of years ago. Is the hernia in the groin and might this be an option?

Jude xx

HI Spritz, His hernia is around his belly button, when we saw the surgeon he let feel when my hubby was laid flat and I could put my fingers deep into his stomach area just behind his belly button, I dont know what they call this type of hernia

Thanks for taking the time to reply

Julia xx

Ah, yes, bit too high for an epidural, which is a bit of a shame =( Hope everything goes really well for your husband and yourself,


Jude xx

HI Jude, I thought that might be the case as the surgeon didnt say anything about a epidural or a local, just about putting him to sleep.

Im sure that he will be fine but I still worry cause I love him and would be totally lost without him

Julia xx

I can totally understand that, Julia but, as others have been saying, his lung problems will be taken into account and the anaesthetic will be kept to the minimum needed.

Love and hugs

Jude xx

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