My mum is coming up to 80 and uses o2, 24/7 and has a concentrator with settings at 2:0

My mum is coming up to 80 and uses o2, 24/7 and has a concentrator with settings at 2.0.

I want to take her to a restaurant to celebrate but I am worried about candles, although we wouldn't have any on our table but I am worried about other users in the restaurant.

How do I approach this, is it feasible for me to take her to a restaurant that uses candles or an Indian restaurant where they often bring out flames for sizzling dishes. She would be using a portable concentrator.

Anything else I should take into account?

Many thanks.

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  • I eat out regularly and take along my oxygen cylinder or Freestyle portable concentrator. I put the concentrator/cylinder under the table and we do not have candles or flaming dishes. I talked this over with my respiratory nurse and she is assured I am acting safely. I have never had any problems and neither have friends who do likewise (and my settings are higher). Hope your mum enjoys her meal.

    Auntymary :)

  • Thanks Auntymary, do you eat in restaurants where others have candles or flaming dishes? Mum eats regulary in pubs like carveries but I wanted to take her somewhere a little special.

  • Yes. We make the owners aware and they speak to their staff to ensure that no flaming dishes or candles cause us any problems. The candles never will I don't think as they are too far away. The staff are aware and so flaming dishes can be kept at a safe distance. I know others using oxygen who don't let this stop them eating out. As I said prepare the owners/managers, take reasonable precautions and I just hope you both enjoy it.


  • Thank you so much Auntymary, I will let you know how it goes.

  • no problem,o2 does not cause fire only promtes it. my son takes me out to resturents with my portable o2 cylinder never a problem enjoy your meal terrzy

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