Bad cold good advice from Hospital???

Few weeks ago I visited local A&E department, was in back garden and had this horrid pain under both shoulder blader and into top of chest.

Took two pain killers, two hours later pain still there, sore when I took a deep breath, off to A&E I went for a wee check over.

Things stuck everywhere, not a heart attack, co2 levels 99% and vital signs very good. They never missed a thing. I just expected a week check over, thought I pulled a muscle or something which cause the pain.

When lying up and bending over the pain went away? felt bad as a really thought I was wasting there time.

Was sent for an Xray, this is where it went good I think. Nurse looked at my records, she said the Xray showed Emphysema however said she could not see signs of lots of boullis Emphysema in right or left lungs.

My doc siad I had extensive boullis in right lung and some in left lung this was in March 2011 during Xray and Ct scan.

July this year I had a breathing test: fev1 fev of 79%. Anyway nurse said I could have plurasay and sent me packing, no pain killers, said if I dont get better in a few days I was to go back.

Heavy head cold just clearing up after nearly a month. Don't you love the advice from doctors/nurses.

David 1968

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one thing to say..................

Maybe you have double emphysema ( play on words, pluracy = plural = double)

Well it sounded funny to me!!!!!!! :)

Its late and they key pad and letters are getting smaller and smaller, that's my excuse for poor spelling. Your confused Im dying to see just one of these Xrays for me to make my own mind up.


Could be the medical folks getting different results from x-rays, did you leave your bra on for the first one - the one where your GP said you had bad boullis ? It could have been something as simple as that...?

On the serious side, the x-rays should be on the central system. If your GP is hooked up to the network, as they all should be by now, he should be able to show you the two images if you ask to see them.

Nice one gordon but the bra was taken off before the xray I think!!!

I have an apointment this Friday with my doc to see my medical records so hopefully this will clear things up, I will keep you posted.

David 1968

I would query the different xray readings with your GP. If you manage to survive the pleurisy that is. ;)

wasted visit that could have been saved with a visit to the GP all part of learning how it feels when things are not going well with your body. All valuable experience you will know not to repeat this when you feel this way in future.

Thanks for the advice just so glad it wasn't a heartatack I was having, then I would be really kicking myself for not going to Hospital to get checked over.

David 1968

It is always a worry when you experience some new pain or something, better get it checked out rather than take a chance..

Thanks mate, hope yu are feeling better.


Hi David I wouldn't have gone back either. Pleurisy was a killer in my young days and now you are told to come back in a few days.!!

Hope you are feeling better soon x

I know Hospitals give me the creeps at the best of times, love them to bits though wouldn't do without them.

No suprise then when I tell you I didnt go back, went to the local chemist and bought pain killers, heavy cold nearly gne now thank god.


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