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PR problems

Hi all

I started my pr on aug7th.its an 8 week course,twice a week,so 16 sessions.

I have only attended 9 so far.due to having had one bad chest infection,and now a bad cough.

Also,one of the other people that attend has greatly upset me.

I've not told the nurses that run the pr because I don't want to cause trouble.we are all there for the same thing,but this person thinks they are far better than anyone else.they have their own business,drive a car with a private number plate,and I guess,have a better quality of life compared to me.

But,they are so so rude to me,asking me if I have ever been a page 3 model,as I've got the right attributes to be one.

He's not just rude to me,he's rude to the respiratory nurse,who is 6 months pregnant,but no one seems able to say anything to him.

I am now finding excuses to not attend pr.which is a shame as I was enjoying it.

Some people just have no respect for others hey.

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Oh dear Fantasy3, there's one in every group isn't there. I had one of these pests when I was on my PR course, a proper know-all he was and always commenting on my size :(

The best way to deal with him is to continue to go to PR and next time he says anything untoward TELL HIM that what he's said is upsetting to you and that in future you would be grateful if he didn't speak to you. If he continues to do this, just ignore him. Bullies, in many shapes, forms and sizes soon give up if they are ignored :)

In the meantime, all the best with the cough, hope it fades it away quickly.


Thats such a shame. My experience of PR was all good maybe I was lucky. But at the end of the COPD does not have any class boundaries.


He is a bully. Tell him you don't want his opinion. And DO talk to the nurses. If they choose to let his remarks to them slip by so be it. But they have a duty to ensure you are not upset by them. Good luck.


Yes that is the only name for it He is a bully, However please don't allow this bully to force you out of PR because as I said at a meeting with the NHS and service providers Pulmonary Rehab is the top of the tree for people with lung diseases.


Thanks for all your not sure what I'm going to do yet.i haven't decided...not even told my other half yet.

It's just got me feeling very down.will keep you informed.



At the same meeting with the NHS today I was invited to be involved with Pulmonary Rehab in a different area to mine. Yes to get involved with the professionals running them also discussing all the feedback from our people with lung disease. This is one of the first things I am taking on board, For the professionals to take note and to do something about it before it takes off. Honestly I don't believe that you should do anything. We are there to help our lives whilst living round lung disease. So the staff need to hit it in the head. If the pregnant lady is worried about reprecussions there are always male attendants around or better still security, But whatever Fantasy, don't you please give a gift of a far better life up because of a bully. Yes Pulmonary Rehab completely changed my life. Now I am attempting to give something back. I am sorry but I don't get on here often because of other involvements. However I will keep my eye on it. Please I beg of you fantasy don't give it up xx


In that sort of situation I would be trying to talk to whoever runs the PR courses to have a little chat with them in private, let them have my concerns and observations and ask them to do something about it as it spoils the day and puts me off coming back.

The staff are the ones who can do something about it, perhaps move this bloke to a different day, or if it's bad enough ask him not to come again.

It sounds like he's one of those who thinks he can say and do as he pleases because nobody will stand up to him, which has already been described as being a bully. If you feel intimidated then you really need to be the person who stands up and tells someone, for your own good as well as others.


Shocking isn't it and a shame it is upsetting people Val x


Morning all,thanks Gordon,I cherish every word you say,you talk so much glad you never left.

Breathless,you are right....what right does anyone have to take my pr away from me.he is a bully,and I'm gonna sort it,next pr is on fri.and I'm going to attend,and voice my concerns with nurses.

Love to all.xxxx


Hi Fantasy

Awe sweet it would be so sad if you allowed this arrogant, ignorant bully to rob you of a course which would benefit you so much.

Loads of supportive and helpful comments from your friends already.

This situatiion really cannot be allowed to go on and needs to be nipped in the bud. Instead of taking up your time when you attend when everyone is busy, it might be an idea to telephone the nurses and express your concerns - this will give them time to decide on the best strategy.

Please go though. If he makes any more offensive remarks I would be inclined to say to him, quite loudly 'your comments are innapropriate and unacceptable - keep them to yourself'. I bet there are others there who feel exactly the same.

Hope they can sort things out, but pleeeeease don't miss out because of some t*****.



Hi Fantasy,

It would be nice to think that in these 'enlightened ' times of equality people like that would have evolved into decent human beings but they are still around. It says more about his insecurities than anything. Just politely remind him that his behaviour is bordering on sexual harassment and there are laws now that he is seriously in danger of breaching. Failing that, get a Philips screwdriver, scratch 'perv' on his million pound car and puncture his tyres!! "Not so flashy now eh big guy!!" This is what I did and the reason why I am writing this from my prison cell in Holloway! :-( hee hee. x


Terri-rose,what a brilliant idea....but I have refrained from any form of revenge,as I wouldn't want to be your neighbour.

I have spoken to resp nurse,who is gonna inform his manager,so hopefully,that's the end of it.

Take care Hun.x


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