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Extra help for acid reflux (GERD)

The hospital has given me another tablet to be taken as well as lansoprazole 30mg.

Thought the NHS had won the lottery when I first looked at the prescription!!

It read DOMPERIDONE, I thought I was getting champagne in tablet form!! till I put my

glasses on. Anyway it works taken 1/2 hour before eating, have not taken any Gaviscon for

a week now... Hope this might help others with the dreaded burn! B.

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Thanks for that information Rubyb24 :) I'll remember this for when I next suffer from this very uncomfortable part of COPD.

Lol at the champagne on prescription :) I wish !!!

Champagne is gassy put the beer in tablets then you have a market rofl

Glad it made you smile we all need a lighter moment in our day .

Please let us know how you get on with it Rubyb24


So far it's been six days. After three days thought I'd test it, i had a chicken masala my favourite meal that I have not been able to enjoy for sometime,, well I had no reflux later so that made it even more enjoyable. I have also noticed I am not so bloated another bonus! Apparently it makes your food pass quicker through your stomach. It's early days and I'm not going to go mad on all the things I couldn't eat,

and will keep to my rule of no food after six o clock. Will update again.


I use domperidone (motilium) for when I have an upset stomach, they are excellent and can be bought over the counter as well as having a prescription. I have omeprazole and gaviscon advance for my reflux and that works for me but we are all different eh? When my daughter was born she had severe reflux and was on gaviscon and ranitidine. That is superb but expensive so docs dont often prescribe it. You can have it in tablet or medicine form. Maybe its worth asking for that.........................Hope it works for you I know how awful it is.

Hello. I have had these from the doctor for a for a few years for the sickness I get when I have a migraine. Sadly they don't really help my reflux really pleased they work for you. They are excelent at helping me when I have a migraine. If you buy them over the counter they cost nearly as much as champagne!

I would see the doctor if anyone wants to try these, do not buy them over the counter if you are on lots of other meds. I was told I can't take them if I'm on erythromycin. I will need a check up in two weeks to see if I can continue with them. B.

The pharmacist wouldn't let you buy them over the counter without checking if you take other meds that could interact. They are expensive but well worth it I find.

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xxx thanks


Your welcome.

Goodnight B.

I take these as an anti sickness pill and yes they work but I also take lansoprazole and ranitidine for acid reflux . I certainly know when I have Missed these little pills

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I take lansoprazole which is pretty good. I also have the head of my bed raised by about 5" this helps with the reflux and my breathing.

I still occasionally have reflux then I have two drops of peppermint oil in hot water and sip till all gone, the smell clears your sinuses and the taste is disgusting but it seems to work within 30 or so minutes.


Thanks pollyj

I will try this as well. My reflux was getting much worse I would wake up choking with the acid coming through my nose as well, i would then go into a severe asthma attack, and my lungs feel like they are burning. This would happen two or three times a night even when I kept to my rule no food or coffee after six.

Hoping these work I don't really want the operation yet. I am not strong enough yet.


Hi Brenda, if you go on ebay you can buy bed blocks not very expensive, the castors or legs on your bed go into them, hope it works for you, nothing worse than reflux.



ive been on this since last November it did work for a bit but its worn off now as the acid is just as bad as ever.

im on 10mg and i take it 3 times a day.

i hope it works for you !

all the best



i forgot to say im also on lansoprazole 30mg aswell.



Guess I'll just have to see take it day by day, they have started me on 10mg.


Sorry for the delay watching F1 great race.

Hi, I was on all 4 of the meds mentioned above and was getting AR to the point I was being sick pure acid throughout the day, every day. I had to have a fundoplication operation last January. Not to be taken lightly I can assure you!

I now do not get any AR but can only eat tiny meals of blended food and soups, great way to lose weight though!!

I really hope you find these domperidone do the job for you as I wouldn't wish a fundoplication on anyone.

Good luck

Mike x

Thankyou mike

That's what I worry about I don't think I could cope with the operation, I have to be very strict with what and when I eat,, I was so excited last week to have just one spicy meal and no after effect,, I daren't try a bacon sandwich!!

As for losing weight that is difficult I am disabled and mostly house bound, I think the amount of tablets I take do not help,, even my teeth are a problem I have gum disease and receding gums ( sorry) the dentist said its a combination of my blood pressure tablets and the acid. So have to use corsydol toothpaste and mouthwash, that helps after taking seretide and sprivia. Sometimes the side affects are just as much a problem as the original problem.

Thank you all for your advice and informed answers. B.

Hi, I suffered GORD for many years, I have been on omeprazole, and later esomeprazole & ranitidine as I suffered severe voice loss due to acid affecting my voice box. I had a fundoplication 3 years ago, after the initial soft food diet and got back on my normal diet (with a few exceptions) things have been really good, I am back on esomeprazole as I had a persistent cough which was thought to be due to the AR but endoscopy shows fundoplication is as should be. Ph tests are non conclusive, it may be due to other meds for HBP causing this, so I having to try by elimination. Not had any heartburn troubles though since the operation.

Ruby, we sound very similar! I too am disabled...spinal cord injury. I lost lots of teeth through the acid and take a total of 43 tablets a day and yes I do rattle!

The weight I lost was purely through having a much smaller stomach as I had to have a full 360 degree wrap and its very tight hence not being able to swallow much food.

I have to cook a stew for example and then blitz it! Most food is foul blitzed so I live on soups and things like wotsits that dissolve in the mouth!

Saying that I'm sooooo pleased I had the op as no more AR and it was really getting me down after so very long as a sufferer. Have you been assessed for an ulcer? Just a thought.

If you want good detail about what I went through, what the op entails etc, send me a message with your email address and we can correspond as I know it's a scary process.

Good luck with the tablets again.

Mike x

Sorry for the delay in answering you, my stepfather has been taken I'll.. So far the tablets are working fine. But I will look at the operation option and get in touch.

Many thanks again to all.


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