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Stitches out

Been to the nurse today to have the stitched from the chest drains removed,

Made me wince a bit bit OK, she said the main scar from the operation was

Healing very well, there are no stitches ot staples and it is glued together.

Still not getting any more then 3 hours sleep at a time and with nebulosing 4

Times a day, taking all the pills there hardly seems time for anything else.

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It's great you've come through this operation and you've done yourself

a big favour in deciding to avail yourself of what help is out there.

Hope you can remain patient and optimistic during the healing process

and that you will keep posting your progress. So far so good Perce!


Hi Perce, you are doing great, thanks for keeping us all up to date.

Hoping you find before too long your sleep periods improve and you find things becoming easier as each day passes.

All good wishes to you, keep resting and keep on with a good recovery.



Stitches staples glue, hope youve got your head screwed on ok percy

chin up soon be zipping around


Take care do as your told ha ha! You'll be right as rain before long :) x



Good to see you are doing well, it all takes time so don't rush things.

How do you feel, do you feel any different regarding breathing.

David 1968


When I am berthing deeply I can nw feel my right hand lung inflating, I can push it right to my ribs, I could never do this before so I am taking this as a good sign, the lung is battered and bruised so it won't be working very well yet until it settles down which thy said would take 4 weeks. I am feeling confident that there is going to be a decent improvement at the end of this.

I am trying to rest up a bit this week to get over hospital and then start pushing the exersize a bit more next week.


Hi Perce, keep taking the tablets! Hope you recover quickly. x


Good luck with your recovery , hope all goes well for you and dont overdo things . Will look forward to updates on how things are going for you .

All the best Su . :-)


Hi Perce so glad to hear that ,you are slowly getting there what great news just do as your told and your be feeling a lot better by xmas I'm so please for you take care of yourself

All the best Jackie x


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