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Private Sleep Clinics

I am trying to get a referal to a sleep clinic but my GP is not being helpful.

It seems to me she wants to save money.

Trying to find a private one near where I live has proven difficult.

I have looked on the interrnet no luck and I want to know the cost before visiting one.

I have not had one single good nights sleep for 4 years.

It is hell and driving me into depression but my GP is not listening to me.

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Why not see a different doctor for a 2nd opinion before paying private, it's bound to be really expensive.



One night "wired up" will get me someway to find out what is happening.

I no longer say "I fall asleep" - I say "I go unconscious" - I wake with a dry mouth (unable to swallow, water by my bed) and dry eye sockets (eye drops by my bed) and aching jaws. I feel like I have been drugged / hit over head / confused / altitude sickness / drunk - you name it.

Oh and very tired but unable to sleep.


my daughters motherinlaw has this problem and its caused by sojrens disease, (spelt wrongly) , dry mouth, eyes , nose, it also affects her joints , they dry out too, and of course her nether regions. not sure the correct spelling but will try and find a web site see if you can identify with the symptoms


This does not sound at all nice. Especially as no treatment was shown.

I am glad to say that I don't think I have this disease.


Believe me I know - it can be nothing else - every morning I wake up feel absolutely awful - I am not talking about the normal grumpiness.

This is very serious and affects me for several hours every day - if it is called sleep apnoea I have no idea but I have had it for 4 years.

If I had to go to work at the normal 9am I would have to get up about 5am every morning.

My GP has not suggested anything to do with ENT - most of the time she just looks at me with a blank expression her face.


You may get results mentioning this to your respiratory consultant, if you are not yet with respiratory consultant ask your GP for a referral (assuming you have already been diagnosed with a lung condition).

Concerning the sleep apnoea, there is a form you can complete to determine if further testing is required, if so you get an appointment to be fitted with a 24 hour oxipulse consisting of electrodes a small box that records all the information (worn around your middle) and a finger sensor. You are required to wear this for 24 hours as you go about your normal day. You go back the next day for it to be removed and results analysed. Results can be disgussed further with your consultant.

Some surgeries have a GP with added qualifications in sleep problems, that might be worth enquiring about, check your surgeries on-line website for further information. Also you might want to phone BLF helpline for further guidance and information concerning your situation.


Sounds like a great idea - the 24 hour device.

What gets me is why my GP did not offer this option.

I have been trying to get somewhere with this problem since March - dozens of blood/urine/cholesterol tests etc and visits etc but never a mention of this option.

I have even had 5 visits from a psychologist. Not sure why because it was to test my memory the time which proved to be almost perfect.

I will phone the BLF

Thanks Zoee


I was referred to a lung specialist because I returned to England because I could not live at 8500 feet in Bolivia where I was staying and disgnosed with a lung infection.

When I mentioned the sleep problem he said.

" you were not referred to me for that problem" - end of story.



I have the exact same symtoms - dry mouth/ morning headache/ dry eyes/ aching jaw/ feeling like I've been hit by a car in the night & interrupted sleep.

I had the "sleep test" took the machine home, wired myself up for the night - I received a letter and have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnoea.

I have an appointment to get my detailed results, including blood tests next week.

It sounds to me as though you're in the same boat, you need to get it checked out.



Hi Dave

Very useful info. Your symptoms are very similar to mine as you say.

Your "sleep test" is what I want.

That is what I expected to be a rutine procedure. Can't cost a fortune.

I am beginning to think that there is a hole in my GP's knowledge bank.

Who arranged for you to have the "equipment" ?

Good luck Dave



After my initial diagnosis, I was referred to the chest clinic at my local hospital who arranged the sleep study.

This was through the NHS, You shouldn't need to go private to get this done. Go back to your GP & ask for a referral.

If I can be of any further help, please just let me know. I hope you get everything sorted out.

Good luck



Thank you Dave

That is what I will do - now I know it is possible I will be a little more demanding. No more nice guy "doctor knows best" for me.


I am very sorry to hear you have had this experience. If you look on the BLF website there is a sleepiness scale you can fill in: .There is lots of information about obstructive sleep apnoea on the website too - you could read this to see if you think this is you. Otherwise you can ring our BLF helpline and they can run through some questions with you to see if it might be sleep apnoea - then with this information you could go back to your GP and try again. There should be a clinic near you where you could get a sleep study arranged which is an overnight study done at home or in hospital, and invovles some measurememnts being taken while you are asleep. Good luck


Thank you Judy


You can have both and each at different stages though my apnoea has become worse as the copd got worse have a mask for sleeping in which helps (if i dont look in the mirror haha) get some sleep


Thank you everyone.

All the above will now be printed off and digested.


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