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Stunned and Furious

I was stunned and furious to read in October's 'Breathing Space' today that lung disease has been omitted from the planned Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs)! Later, reading 'The Way Forward - Strategic Clinical networks', I found that the areas to benefit from this are: Cancer, Cardio Vascular - (incorporating cardiac/ stroke/ Diabetes and Renal Disease), Maternity and Children, and Neurological Conditions. Once again we are to be the Cinderella of the NHS.

If you wish to see more about 'The Way Forward' etc see the following page and the PDF -

For an easy to read pic of mortality rates in the UK see:

The article in 'Breathing Space' ends by saying :

"If you live in England, you can help by writing to your MP. For a copy of our template letter send an email to or call 020 7688 5555

Let's make ourselves heard folks - time is of the essence. P

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just to refresh our memories re what seemed to be a bright new future for lung disease just a year ago (and note we have the second worst mortality rates for copd out of the whole of Europe, with an estimated 2,000 extra copd'ers dying here who would otherwise been alive had they lived elsewhere)


I have sent a letter to my MP (using the template as a basis) citing the statistics you give. Very many thanks as I, for one, believe we get what we fight for and if we do not fight we just do not get.



this is the same link here.............

its unreal what is going on though the new Morecambe and Wise double act of Dave & Nick is an act that wants to see the sick struggle even more than we already do and for what? as there aint really a lot of savings to be had as there so small yet the misery for so many is easy to see.

wait till the new housing benefit rules come in and we all lose the money paid for an extra room have like myself who has a 2 bedroom yet because im single i will have to pay the extra off my £70 a week the government give me to live off............

its so unfair as we single/separated parents do need the extra room for our children so i think its like a tax on separated parents really.

i really hope that some MP will act see wot is going on here as its just not right that our human rights are being walked all over in the way they are.

many thanks.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the same link. Although the nurse's comments may have come from hearing the news about the SCN.

It beggars belief what the chimps who run this country are capable of doing, where will it all end?


Its worth reading BLF Comms Team comment in the thread already mentioned:

It is worth everyone using the template letter to send to their MP. Most Breathe Easy groups have copies available for members to use, alternatively email BLF for a copy or ask through the helpline.

Email on it's way to My MP.


Had not realised this was an issue until my copy of Breathing Space arrived it is truly shocking that conditions with the third highest mortality rate can be overlooked in this way.

Important as child minding services are to many it can not be a higher priority than chronic lung conditions surely.

I have also contacted my local newspaper - every little helps.

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