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Will I lose my place at PR for not attending? I am sure they said if absent for 2 weeks that was it! Hope they make an exception for me. Do you think they will ? Val

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I don't know to be honest but I think maybe it will be ok as long as you are well enough. Hope it works out for you. :)

I'm sure something can be worked out Val give them a call on the 2nd week you can't attend and explain the situation, also ask if you can put your name down for the next one if you find you'll miss too much of the current one. Hope you are feeling much better real soon. Zoee

How can you be sure of this when the decision is made on a case basis it would be unfair building hopes that could fail when all the things are not known. Hope you can continue Val you are a fighter and deserve a chance.

If you see a physio when in hospital you can keep going but if you stop then it was start at the beginning because the break in the middle would change what the results would be at the end and not give you extra homework to catch up with the group.

Once you are in there it is easier to get on another course when they know you it is less scary when you have been before as well.

Thanks all will get Graham to give them a call :) x

Val, I had to miss 3 due to a chest infection. I rang them and let them know and they said not to worry, just to go in when I could. As my local PR is a rolling programme, with lots of people at different stages (some on their penultimate week when I started, others joining weekly) it made no difference. Hope it works out for you. x

Thank you will keep you posted :)

Hi Val,

As long as you keep them informed as to why you can't attend it should be ok, they may start you at begining again if you have missed more than 2. Ask to have physio whilst in hospital, they should help you to do chest clearing etc. Don't be in too much of a rush to get home you don't want to be in 'the revolving door group' and end up being re-addmited!!

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Thanks Jo x

Ring them and tell them I am sure they will or put you on a later course. Hope it is all OK. TAD xx

Yea will do though think it will be a while before I get back there, it can't be helped. They are now saying I may have to stay in hospital for the full 2 weeks as the antibiotic I am on is given through an infusion, Just my luck ha ha :) x

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