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thank you everyone for you very kind support and comments its nice to have people who now more about it to talk to. when I go to the hospital I see a different doctor or consultant each time and they don't tell me much at all and nobody has ever explained much about it they just say you have copd emphysema take this inhaler, i'm on spiriva and seretide the moment i'm with the physiotherapists because i'm breathing to fast and hyperventilating. its nice to have people to talk to. many thanks i'm going to enjoy

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Hi Kate and welcome to the Forum. One of the nice things about this site is that you can ask all the questions that you either forget to bring up when you see the doctor, or that seem too trivial to mention. You'll be surprised how much we all have in common.



Hi Kate,

Like you I am a newcomer here and again like you was not told anything other than you have COPD. I eventually got Spiriva and then 15 months later the chemist told me you should be given another inhaler in addition to Spiriva, It should not be taken on its own.

I got another, Seretide which made me lose my voice which in turn got me a referral to a Respiratory consultant and then things started to move. I got two new inhalers QVAR and Serevent in addition to continuing with Spiriva. I also asked and got a referral to Pulmonary Rehab and have just started that and it looks as though I will be able to gain some more knowledge in addition to an exercise regime.

This site is another good source of help and knowledge.




Hi David

My doctor reffered me to pulmonary rehab about a year ago last november but I never heared anymore after that. so instead I ended up at another hospital for a second opinion. and they told me my lung function was worse than they thought, I was on just spiriva and they added seretide, I saw 3 different doctors the consultant being the first said about the possibility of bronchiectasis then I heard no none the wiser so I have joined to try and gather some knowledge. you learn more from other sufferes. look after youself



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