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A saga - visiting the Brompton hospital for tests

A couple of months back my consultant here in Gloucester said” I’m referring you to the Brompton – see if they can think of anything to do”. Encouraging or what?

So the appointment was for last Thursday, Aug 30. Be there at 9:30 for tests they said.

It’s 112 miles away, and the Paralympics are on, and I can’t walk at all well without my electric scooter so we decided to drive up the previous day, and stay over an extra night to recover. So my wife & I booked & paid for two rooms for two nights in the Brompton Nurses’ home.

Oxygen? I hear you say. Well, the receptionist at the Brompton said no problem, 2 months ago. And yes, you are on the first floor but we have a lift.

When I checked ten days before the appointment it turned out that Air Liquide had to supply the oxy (4LPM) but nobody had told them.

Yes, they were quite happy to do it – a full size concentrator plus a large emergency cylinder to London (plus 3 little ones to my surprise), plus an Igo portable 3LPM portable concentrator to my home for the car because my little portable tank only lasts 2 hours or so. But please can we have a fax from your Gloucester consultant.

Have you ever tried to get two NHS hospitals to communicate? Eventually we got the fax to AL, and bless their cotton socks they did just what they said they would – rescued!

When we got to the Brompton on Wednesday ( & boy have they got an efficient and helpful parking dept thank god!) the oxy was in the office, waiting. The lift to the first floor was a lot older than me, lattice gate and concertina door, did not meet the floor of the hallway, had to go up to the second floor and then down to the first, and keep the button pressed or it will stop between floors. And too narrow for my small scooter.

So, painful walking to and from the car over the entire stay. And have you ever tried to sleep with a concentrator? At 2:00 am I turned it off and switched to the cylinder - it just lasted until 7:00. But no chance to stay for that second night. Food at the hospital restaurant (curry, curry and lasagna) not appetizing so we found a delicious Argentinian restaurant in Chelsea Farmers Market - & no mention of the Falkland Islands.

The people at the Brompton were very pleasant & helpful, (they offered me hospital oxygen but forgot to give it to me) and the signage was efficient so we could find our way round, tests all carried out but quite tiring, food very sparse. Everything reasonable until the consultants’ clinic where the morning clinic ran into the afternoon clinic and the organization crashed.

So what was the result? A medical assistant asked the questions and relayed the answers to the (overworked) consult who nevertheless spent quite a long time with my wife & I - & gave us more information than anyone before. He explained that they have 2 research procedures aimed at neutralizing bad lung tissue & giving good lung tissue a helping hand. Unfortunately I don’t have any good lung tissue.

So when I pressed him for a timescale he said “well, years rather than decades” – a more optimistic answer than I expected – I didn’t expect to buy any Christmas cards this year. So I can plan things better, I’ll take advantage of the respiratory rehabilitation, and it’s one day at a time and make the best of each one.

Well, we gave up the idea of dinner with some friends on Thursday cos I hadn’t had my 15 hours plus of oxy, cancelled the second night’s stay, and my wife drove home cos I was exhausted.

Never again.

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Oh what a stressful time hope you are resting and getting over it Val


Yes thanks Val - I'm over it now but I needed to get it on paper to get it off my mind - I don't like resentments hanging around. By the way, thanks for all the time you spend on this blog helping folks.


Well off sick at the minute hope to return to work 17th! Will have to wait and see how I go one day up the next down :)


Well good luck with your return to work. I know that roller coaster of accepance then despair - but with me it can happen several times in one day. I've managed to get over the downs by not showing my wife, who gets upset if she sees me like that, so it's like that song "Whistle a happy tune", but the dark times are still there sometimes


So sorry thing didn't go smooth for you, the trip should have been a lot better for you and your wife especially with your health problems.

Sometimes it can put closure to things getting it written/typed out so always use this spare there is always someone here to listen.

Take care and keep well.

David 1968


Thanks David. Over the years I've found that writing down feelings does drain them of their effect. Sometimes I've reread what I wrote and found it was illogical prejudice, or ridiculous, or childish, and I've had to laugh at it, but in any case the power is taken away from it.


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