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Warm Home Discount Scheme 2012/13

Good Afternoon Everyone

I just wanted to bring to everyones attention the Warm Home Discount Scheme (WHDS)

The WHDS came into being last winter and paid an electricity rebate to eligible customers on their winter fuel bill.

Eligible customers - Core Group - people who are receiving Pension Credit.

There is also a Broader Group - Decided by electricity suppliers following government guidance - people on low incomes and people with illnesses and disabilities.

If you are receiving Pension Credit you should get this rebate automatically (providing your supplier is involved in the scheme)

People who think they may be entitled need to contact their electricity supplier.

A list of participating suppliers are listed below:


British Gas

EDF Energy




M&S Energy


Sainsbury's Energy

Scottish Gas

Scottish Hydro


Southern Electric



Utility Warehouse

This rebate will be worth £130 this winter and it is well worth contacting your supplier to see if you are eligible.

I hope this is helpful


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Hey thanks for that Jo, I have never heard of it. I contacted British Gas and I qualify. :)


Im going to phone up to see if i qualify too.


Hi Gillyj

That is excellent news - the more people that can qualify for this money the better - prices are so expensive anyway the money is better off in your pocket!



not sure we would qualify but am gonna try, we do get council tax benefit, and attendance allowance so it might be worth a try.



Do you get Pension Credit? If not - advise them about the lung condition - is it COPD?

The BLF information does advise a constant room temp - 21c in the living room and 18c in the bedroom.

Please let us know how you get on.

Best wishes



I qualified because I have copd, I don't have any benefits. They also put me on a free scheme where by if there is a power cut they come out and provide me with a generator. Good ehhh! :)


npower's scheme is 'currently closed', and has been like that for some time now. I looked at this option back in February, yes, that's when I found out it was 'currently closed'

Kelly, an Energy Wise Advisor at Peterlee for npower, says that anyone who wishes to contact them to have a marker placed on their account, for when the 2012/13 scheme starts, can call them on 0800 975 1373

If you get pension credit you may be eligible for the Warm Home Discount, the DWP will make contact directly if you qualify.

I think it also applies to income based allowances and benefits.


Hi Jo

I tried last year with British Gas without success.I have just sent this years form off but did not see anywhere thar you could name a specific disalillity. I live in hope! Richard Cornish


I've contacted npower about this, nice chap says 'no', rather than the computer. Their qualifiers are that you have to have pension credit or be over 80 or qualify via the DWP. Otherwise they only give it on an income based allowance or benefit like JSA, ESA or Income Support AND Child Tax Credit or a disability premium. The only other qualifier is having a child under 5.

I made sure he put down that I have COPD and Asthma and Reynauds but illness alone is no good, you have to be on a benefit of some sort. DLA on it's own would not count either, even if I get that on appeal.

So we got a no, but he has put us on the Priority Warm Response register, should there be any power cuts in the area. All told I was on the phone for half an hour, he's also arranging for someone to come and look at our loft insulation and see if cavity wall insulation can be put in, I doubt it very much as we're in a terraced house and everyone in the street who had looked at this has been told no as the cavities, if there are any, go through all the houses - just like the lofts used to do before the insurance people forced us all to brick them off.

He's also referred me to Warm Front, see if we qualify for a heating grant as we only have gas fires downstairs and wall heaters upstairs. No central heating, the hot water is via an immersion heater. Again, that's based on certain benefits so I don't hold out much hope.

I turned down a 'free' gas safety check because I'm really worried about our fires and wall heaters - if they fail the checks they get condemned and we can't use them, which means no heat in the house. I've looked after these things myself for years, we've no money to pay for them to be serviced. We put carbon dioxide sensors in the main rooms as well, just in case. There's no way we can afford to replace any of the heaters, the only option then is some sort of electric heater - which would cost a fortune to run.

Last winter I was wrapped up in two sleeping bags at once to keep warm, we simply cannot afford to keep the heating on all the time. Even worse, we have pre-payment meters so can't even say we'll put it on and worry about the bills later.


Hi there Jo,

thanks for the info, I contacted Scottish Power but the person I spoke to seamed to be unsure about who would qualify. I told her I have COPD but she still wasn`t sure. I completed their application on line but am now worried I may have given them the wrong information, any way we shall see what happens.

Regards Linda


Thank you Jo for the heads up.

Just 'phoned N Power to check if there is any difference between the Warm Home Discount and the Spreading Warmth scheme I have been on with them for some considerable time now. Please note Spreading Warmth is now closed to newbies - not sure if they have something to replace it for the future. According to them the Warm Home Discount is a Government scheme and if you are eligible the gov will notify you, they in turn reimburse the utility company. However I think it certainly worthwhile to 'phone around and check who has a social tarrif.

They apparently have me down already on the Priority Warm Response Register, but have updated my details and one of the questions is do you use a nebuliser or 02 - so might be worth your while checking this out anyway.



Good Morning Everyone

I hope everyone is feeling well today!

Fantastic news for those who have qualified for this discount - Gordon57 - i have rang Npower who have advised that although this is currently closed it is due to open soon!, so, anyone can ring them to enquire and they will 'mark' your account so when it does open you will be sent a letter. Each company has specific criteria for the 'broader group', with Npower it is certain MTB's and disability premiums on them that will make people eligible.While another supplier states illness/disability and low income. There has also been some rumblings about DLA being including as a qualifying benefit.

I have spoken to the DWP's Warm Home Discount Scheme Helpline and they have advised this scheme goes 'live' on September 17th. If you are not on Pension Credit still apply through your supplier after this date to see if you are eligible. Apparently the broader group money ran out early last year as there is only a set amount for this group - apply early.

Let me know what happens!

Best Wishes



A letter from my MP tells me much the same as npower did, that I don't fit in to this scheme as I was not in receipt of a required benefit on 21st July 2012, the 'qualifying date'

I am writing to npower as I feel very much put out by things like this. I have an illness that should qualify me for some sort of support. I cannot be left in the house, as I was last year, with limited heating, simply because we cannot afford it. We have pre-payment meters, so I can't just dismiss the thought of high bills until they come, and then deal with them. I have to pay in advance or do without.

I'm already deeply miffed by the fact that npower offer a 'dual fuel discount' of £150 a year, but this does not apply to pre-pay meter customers. They cannot explain why, we pay in advance, not when we get a bill or spread out evenly over a year.

My electricity bill for one year is £1,700+, according to the recent bill I just had. Gas is around £1,000 a year. Our total income is only about £13,000 a year, including my pension and the working tax credits. Over 21% of what comes in goes on energy!


i get incapacity benefit (well i was but im fit for work....lol so ive had to appeal so its on going just now)

but i understand i wont get any help as I.B. is not a benefit that lets me get the help yet its my only income as low as it is !

i suffer from copd(mild) depression/anxiety & panic attacks.

my doctor thinks im fit and able to work which i dont agree with and my doctor is no support what so ever !

im going to reapply for dla as i got a knock back for it but its unreal what is going on with the help and who can get it.


i forgot to say im 43 and its atos that said also im fit for work.



Warm Home Discount – Support Plus

As part of the Government’s Warm Home Discount scheme, we’re offering our customers a rebate of £130 including VAT on their electricity bill. You may be able to benefit from this rebate if you or your partner living with you meet the following conditions:

You must currently be receiving one of:

Income Based Job Seekers Allowance

Income Support

Income related employment support allowance.

And you must also be in receipt of one of:

Long Term Incapacity Benefit (this includes credits only)

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for yourself.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for another adult living with you.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for a child living with you.

Have a child who was under 5 on the 1st of April 2012 living with you (i.e. born on or after 1st April 2007).

Employment Support Allowance which includes work related activity or a support group component

Severe Disablement Allowance

You must be able to provide documentary evidence to a 3rd party company that we work with, to prove that you meet these conditions as in some cases we’ll be asking to see this evidence. You’ll only receive the rebate if your application is successful and you’re still an EDF Energy customer when the rebate is applied by the end of March 2013.

If you would like to apply for the rebate please complete the online application form.


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