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visit from nurse

just had a visit from a respiratory nurse, saw her once before and wasn't right keen, still not sure about her, loved the other one, she was great. on the visit she saw how his sats dropped dramatically with any movement, ie. just getting out of chair, whilst on upped his ambulatory oxygen to 3l, fair enough. Then she said whilst he was sat doing nothing he could do without the oxygen, yet he would have to put it on to get out of chair, this doesnt make sense to me, surely its easier for him to just leave it on, maybe am wrong, you all have more experience than me. The practice nurse said that they get better results from patients when they keep the oxygen on all the time, the other resp nurse said he must keep it on 16 hours, but longer if he felt the need.She also said he should use a spacer to take his sprays, I know nowt about that, does it have a better result. ?

When hes out and about with his ambulatory back pack he still has blue lips and nails. I know it makes no difference to the sob but I would have thought it made a difference to the blueness. right that's me spleen vented.

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Get an oxymeter off e bay, will give you some idea of desats


I know when I am sitting I use 4L when ambulatory use 6L, but do not do without it, what are his sats sitting with no 02 did she test that?

I was using 16 hrs a day but the nurse said that was the minimum to use it Val

sat with 02 his sats were 94 and she said they were fine at that, as soon as he stood up they dropped to 88 and then he walked into kitchen and back, a few yards and theyd dropped again but I couldn't see the reading. my gut tells me he should have the 02 on as much as possible, he sometimes takes it off to eat his meal and that takes it out of him so he should leave it on for that I think. thanks.

I would do what you think is best and leave it on, mine is on 24hrs the nurse said that was fine Val :)

If the inhalers aren't being used correctly amagram then the maximum benefit won't be obtained from them. Using a spacer makes the inhalation of the drug much easier and more effective and they are very simple to use

This is the one I have and it's convenient to use when you are out and about too :)

thanks elian, you look so young lol.

roflmao @ amagram :)

I wish !!!


I've just been prescribed one of those as well. I do think it makes a difference.

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