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Does anyone have any knowledge or experience as to why Cocaine use would help relieve COPD symptoms and allow more physical exercise and better breathing when doing so...?

i was able to function sexually and use the stairs when walking around, things i could only dream of doing before.

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No direct experience myself and I didn't see much in Wikipedia about therapeutic use of Coke for this. Mainly was used as an anaestheticic medically. I did wonder about amphetamine, benzedrine was brought out as an inhaler way back as a decongestant but was withdrawn. More googling might be needed but I doubt if any class A drug would be of benefit in the longer term.

I suspect the relief you felt was a high that may well demand more to maintain and end up costing you dearly health wise if it became habitual, but you'll know all this. Occasional use may even be damaging too, given the poor state of health of COPD sufferers anyway. Not worth the risk!

Yeah true, it started off when i got ill and wouldn't ask for help. I used it to get in the bath and wash myself when i couldn't really breathe coz i felt so bad in dirty clothes and stinking. I've given up smoking in '10 and health has continued to deteriorate since. I lost a lot of weight and money using this approach and my health really suffered as i became addicted very quickly but thought i was ok as long as i wasn't smoking!!! that's the insanity of addiction. i missed my lung transplant and was taken to Rehab for my own protection, where i was detoxed and given treatment. i am now over a year clean and sober from all drink and drugs.

i am now asking for help from services and not trying to do things all on my own, I've got a scooter now to get around in and am no longer isolated in my flat with only drug-dealers knowing my problems....

Well, you've had a rougher time than me although your experience rings some bells for me. Your post sounds like you may be involved with AA and NA, positive moves to keep you clean. Without doubt you need to steer clear of the drug scene, well done being sober over a year, that's a great achievement in itself!

Get the help you need which is available to you and you can look forward to being able to cope with and live life. Stick with the winners and all that!

Yes you're correct there, i do know stick with the Winners.

I've got to decide whether i want to get a double or single lung transplant now as i'm thinking that i would like to live longer now rather than be more active. I grew up without my Dad as he died when i was 15, the same age as my brother is now. i know wot it's like to grow up without a Father around to ask questions and get advice from..... My mum also has COPD too and is getting as bad as me indue course.

Are you involved in the Fellowships then?

I'm not actively involved with NA/AA as I don't hold with all the philosophy but I was helped at times by attending some meetings and my thought was that the more friendships you can form with 'winners' the better in your situation. I've been through the wringer with most drugs in my time hence my present decrepit state!

We shall overcome....!!

Thinking r going ok with that stuff atm, no obsessing and some peace of mind too. How long u been behaving yourself for now?

wow, well done for kicking the habit. :)

Thanks Julie, it is a miracle I'm still here today!!

it was very close to the mark on more than a few occasions.

thanks for the affirmation this morning.... X

I have heard that "Sativex" may help.... it is a cannibas derivative made by G.W.Pharmaceuticals and comes as a nasal/ mouth spray, helps people with MS and many other conditions. you would have to ask GP and may have to pay him/her privately.


What does it actually help with....?

I'm not looking to get high just yet....

do you use it?

no, I don't use it, I would use valarian and hops in tea form. Sativex is useful for stopping pain, muscle spasm, anxiety and poor sleep. I have bronchiectasis and must drain/clear mucus from lungs 3 times a day, if I can't relax my diaphragm then I can't clear the mucus very easily, so would use for that.


OK Thanks Zube,

I'll look it up and ask some questions about it.

So how does your illness affect u day to day nad do u get all the support u need?

PS, have just read in a G.W.Pharmaceutical report that I have here, this year they are doing research on the effects of cannabinoids in airway inflammation, including cronic cough, and also joint inflammation.

It interests me because it is a natural plant product, not a chemical.

I don't get any day to day support, I look after my hubby with heart defib and valve problems, he's also had a stroke, before that I nursed my dad till he died at home, never had care allowance - can't have it as well as basic state pension. but.... I'm happy !... have found a lot of ways to enjoy living with poor lung function, swimming just one. there is so much information out there now.


Amazing stuff really, well done you've cheered me up good night

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