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I used the easyway to stop smoking book by allen carr (not the chatty man ) and packed up with absolutely NO cravings or misery for four months, after the chapter(The last cigarette) there were another couple of chapters ! I should have read them,because he instructs you NEVER have any nicotine in anyform (fags,cigars,patches,nicotine chewingums Etc) He tells you that if you get hooked again,his method is NOT so easy to work a second time ! He was telling the truth...I now smoke again and can't seem to pack up even though I have tried his method over & over and other methods too ! even now,having been diagnosed with chronic Bronchitus ! ALL SMOKERS please please please read his book ! if it does not work!,all you have done is read a book,so whats too lose ??? JUST MAKE SURE to read it ALL, and if it works...DON'T have ANY Nicotine again.....then you WILL feel and be as happy as I was During my glorious four months.

I never knew Allen !nor have I had anything to do with him in anyway ! except for reading his book.I am a smoker just like you who's reading this and I get no money or profit for promoting his method,I am purely telling ALL SMOKERS because I just want to get you to see and feel the way I did when I stopped and to hopefully STOP you SMOKING just like ALLEN CARR also wanted.YOU CAN SMOKE while you read the book thats the beauty of it!! Allen sadly died in an ironic way!!!,He died of is believed that he most likely developed this disease during his stop smoking sessions at his clinics,because just as with the still smoke (around the therapist ) while the therapist is helping you not to !!

Even though I am a smoker again, I KNOW ALLEN WAS RIGHT,and his method works,


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I stopped smoking 10 years ago thanks to Allen Carr. His book reallly inspired me, innybinny63

you are quite correct in what you've said. His method was simple and a man who was an accountant originally and not a doctor showed the world how to stop smoking, he still has clinics worldwidedespite the fact he is no longer with us.OK I have recently been diagnosed with copd but I would probably be dead by now if it wasn't for Allen Carr.Smokers please try it you will get his book on Amazon or Ebay for a few pounds. Buy your last packet of fags sit down read the book and smoke away. As he said you will be an ex smoker by the time youv've finished reading the book. Not so much willpower more mindset. Good luck

I am sorry it did not work for you Stich !but all his book actually is,is a book of tools ! it needs to be read and re-read untill you have picked up ALL the tools that are needed for the task it is aimed to do ! if a plumber forgets just one tool when he goes on a stands a chance that he may not be able to complete the job correctly! please if you stll smoke ! just pick up the phone and talk to one of his therapists at one of his clinics..its not a money back gaurantee for nothing !!Good luck in whatever you try my friend. I would just like to add that Allen ! during his 100 a day smoking years,had a big fear of contracting Cancer or one of the other big smoking related killers...(just like the most of us smokers do ) so after quitting,for many years he would have most likely have been checked for this!! In his book He repeats over again of how happy he is that he never got Cancer or the like ! So I DO strongly believe it was through the passive smoking...not meaning to contradict what you said..I just believe the guy was a genius...and never deserved such a sad ending.Linnybinny63

Stitch has already achieved smoke free linnybinny63 as many of us here have. Some are still struggling with it though, so Carr's book may be of interest to some.

As Stitch says its a question of finding which method works for us. Its a case of what works for one won't necessarily work for another.

I achieved smoke free cold turkey. Not every one can manage to achieve smoke free that way. Stopping smoking is not easy but most who decide to do it can achieve smoke free by whichever method they feel comfortable with.

I am wishing you every success in your choices, whatever you decide. It's a pity allen carrs method didn't work for you.


I am sorry too all and everyone if I sound as though I am ramming my opinion down their throats..I did not meen to come over like that !! if people have tried his book and it did not work,I truly hope they find a way for them ! and i am not saying that this is the only way because I know of many that have quit using allsorts of methods !! As I said I STILL smoke but it did work for me for four months and it was purely MY foolishness that made me start again !! I only want to promote this method because out of all methods I have ever used this was by far the easiest and the best because of NO WITHDRAWAL PANGS at all ! I do appreciate that NOT all people will succeed using this method, I just want people who have never tried it, too give it a go and if it works for them like it did for me,not only will they have stopped but will never feel the need to smoke again...unless completely stupid like me

please forgive me ALL if I have sounded as though i discredit any other method because i DON'T, any method that works is the ONE !!

Interesting tools as you say not for everyone so go with what does it, quit smoking anyway you can. Heavy smoker dies of passive smoking think I am following Stitch on this call and who deserves to have a lung condition genius or not. Shouting dont make what you say right can we keep it down there please.

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You don't think much of passive smoking getting the blame then !! I wonder what poor Roy Castle's wife would say to that ????I agree that any method that works is FANTASTIC... so what ever suites..USE !!!!! Allen carr did not care what method people used as long as the war against this terrible filth was winning

I stopped smoking on 4th August (16days ago) after being told by the doctor that it was the only way I could prolong my life with medium to severe copd. I watched an Allen Carr video probably 20 yrs ago and stopped for a month and agree the man is a genius his video made me feel stupid (he described it, if I remember, like a person looking like a human being attached to a cigarette when observed by others (i.e non or ex smokers).

However far from being a genius myself I failed to give up and am in this position like so many more people of having worked all my life - am now retired - and have robbed myself (not to mention my long suffering family) of enjoying my last years- carefree holidays, family gatherings etc- because I continued to smoke and as the man said in his book nobody was asking me to smoke or insisting I smoke - had they done do human nature is so perverse- well my human nature is anyway- I would probably have stopped to annoy them and without any anti smoking aid.

Well done to everyone who has stopped and I firmly believe with this illness wasting precious breath by continuing to smoke would be, not sure how to put this but - just wrong! I still want to smoke but won't.

First post, glad I found this site with so much helpful information. Not much specialist help around that I can see immediately anyway in my area (Bonny Scotland) but lots of good people to relate to on this forum. Be Well.


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Good for you for giving up SMOKING, please keep NITCH off your shoulder, I stopped March 2011 and have never looked back, never thought I'd ever stop as I loved it ahhhhhhhh, cig when I woke up-cig waiting for the kettle to boil-cig with my cuppa ect, hw stupid was I, a well a awake up call being diagnosed as mild boullis Empysima. Stay away from bad things. Well done you.

David 1968

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Hi linnybinny63,

I have never smoked but my daughter gave up using the Allen Carr book. She just read the whole thing and quit! I was quite amazed and she has never smoked again. This was over three years ago and I am very proud of her. Just goes to show it can be done. Good luck to all those who want to quit as it is not easy. I am married to, and carer for, an ex-smoker who only quite because of his illness. Stay well. xx

for those wanting to check out Allen Carr's method, here is a You Tube video:

Auntymary xx

well done Auntymary ! I hope lots of people watch this and get encouraged enough to either Get the Book/watch the dvd or even go to one of the sessions...i must add that i watched the dvd after reading the book (after I had stupidly started again ) and the dvd seemed to lack something that the book gives ! perhaps it is because it was quite short in time ?? it has worked for some though !! what I don't understand is why some people can't grasp the logic of it...cos, thats all thats needed,and I can't see at all that if I grasped it well enough to pack up without any sympoms or the want to smoke....WHY I can't grasp it a second time ???? THATS why I STRONGLY urge anyone using this method that quits ! DON'T HAVE NICOTINE AGAIN !!!!!!!!

Really hope you find something else that works for you. There are lots of quit smoking forums where people are going through the process and no doubt lots of people sharing great ideas on how to quit. I think unlocked also has something.

Good luck and good wishes

I read and re read this book but it didn't help or inspire me whatsoever I'm afraid. With all the shouting on the headline of the topic you need paying for advertising his work! Everyone has different methods to help them quit, who cares what, so long as it works!

Good luck quitting to those on that painful journey!


Ive heard of this book but never came across it. i tried 2 stop 3 times, and let me tell u the first time was the easiest. It was the weight i put on started me again, and the same reason the second time, i even had laser treatment {what a waste of money}. so the 3rd time i went 2 my local chemist. use the losengers. btween will power and the chemist i done it, that was a year and 4 months ago. And 2 this day and the rest of my life i have 2 say no 2 a cig cos its with u always. BUT it was bloody worth it. And yes ive put weight on but thats and easier prob 2 solve. If u can come off fags anything is easy.

well done ! the thing with the book is you don't need or want a fag ! I only did it because i was with my niece as she was in court fighting too see her son ! her ex was there and she was very nervous! when she offered me that fateful fag ! I thought well it was so easy to stop,and it would make her feel better if I joined in !!!BIG mistake, if I had read the book to the end,I would have known that NO NICOTINE EVER the way Allen Carr also does a book the easy weigh to lose weight !!! if his stop smoking was so good then I'd give this one a looksee !!

I have this book but havent read it yet. Have read a little bit and I understand the reverse logic he uses. Not sure if it would work for me but nothing ventured nothing gained so I will give it a go.

Will let you all know how I get on. You would get a huge headline - bev stops smoking - with probably a gush or two thrown in for good measure. lol x


You may find this link helpful to you:


Hi Linny this one is for you and I, the thick, the slow learners, the smart ar$e$, the ones who push the limits; and like easyway it works BUT please when you’ve been given a second chance this time; don't get fooled again.


Oh the book:

The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently

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