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I am bored today Graham and Leanne at work both doing 12 hour shifts! They both work in care related jobs hopefully she will be 8.30pm followed by Graham at 9.30pm

I am taking it as I am on the mend not feeling as tired as I was through the week :)

Have booked a couple of nights away to the Lake District at the end of the month want to visit South Lakes Wild Animal Park, then hopefully back to work just need the 02 sorted for this, spoke to my boss the other day saying I hope to be back soon :)

My thoughts for today folks :)

Be happy, keep smiling Val :)

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Make this your 'me' day Val. Do yourself a manicure, soak your feet (or all of you for that matter) and then have a massage with some lovely smelly stuff. If you are over 50 then join the Saga Zone, no way will you be bored on there !

:) :)


Thanks 51 I am ha ha :) will take a look thank you


Are they better dancers than English men Gordon ???

;) ;) ;)



Couldn't if I tried ha ha :)


Whatever you decide to do - enjoy.


Thank you :)


Very nice to see you are in a positive mood.You certainly seem to be looking forward with some enthusiam.Richard


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