Got my PR Assessment date!!

Got my assessement date today!! Have to go next week for first assessment, then officially on the PR course. Rather aprehensive though as when I had 6 min walk & lung function tests done 5 weeks ago at hospital, they showed I had severe COPD & a lung age of 104!!! I had cancelled 2 appointments due to having a really bad exerbation but the hospital insisted I attended the 3rd appointment!. Saw my COPD/Asthma nurse who was outraged I had been told to attend when I was still so ill. She did lung function tests again & they were all well up on the hospitals results!! She said I haven't severe COPD, only moderate which is still bad but these results are now on my medical records & had been scanned in so she couldn't change them!!!! She did put a note on my records, bless her as OH want a report from my doctor. Hope it shows correct diagnosis!!!! It could mean me loosing my job & at the moment I'm feelimg well, still puffing but 100% better than I was. Really concerned that I was given a false diagnosis even thoughI insisted I was still very ill!!!!

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Hope all goes well for you, I have severe COPD did what I could today pushed myself as far as I could. Graham said he was walking beside you with his hand behind your back said I looked a bit wobbly, just do your best and don't worry.

I am still off sick at the minute weighing up the pros and cons of going back you don't know what to do for the best. Val

That must have been awful for you Marytaz, scary too, it just shows how things vary from day to day. We are told not to go for a lung function test until you have been clear of infection for a month.This is probably the reason why. The PR course will do you the world of good and teach you lots of things to help yourself. Glad you are feeling well just now, puffing is a way of life haha, as long as you stay positive and determined to have a life thats the main thing. Best wishes.

I hope your nurses comments are noted Marytaz. I have had to fight HR to stay employed. I know I will not last there much longer but want to go when I decide I need to, rather than someone else deciding.

Every time I have been off they have cut my hours or changed my role sometimes for the better but at times it would be nice to be asked Val !

Thanks everyone for your kind words, it is a very worrying time regarding work. I really can't afford to finish as my husband was made redundant 3 yrs ago & we can't claim anything because we had bothered to save!! That's nearly all gone now. To cap it all todays my birthday & Ive just received a letter from DLA saying I don't qualify for it!!! Letter from GP in with claim stating I have severe COPD too plus lots of other info BLF told me to put in!!! What a shambles,even the info in their letter was incorrect. Obviously didn't read my claim form correctly. Waiting for a call from our fantastic team on here to see what to do next!!! Thanks again everyone, will kep you informed of outcome but not hoding my breath, well I can't!!! Still got my sensse of humour if nothing else. Mary

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