:) Did it ha ha :)

Was there about 40 mins questionnaires first, showed me the gym they have treadmills, bikes, weights rowing machine plus loads more, just wait till I get on the treadmill will be no holding me back :) Then the 6 minute walk test started off well got slower and slower stopped a few time but did it at my pace in the end. The full 6 minutes was timed he was writing sats etc down all the time. He said you did better than I thought you would have whoo hoo ha ha was knackered mind he he. Huffing and puffing as you do but I did it! ;)

Start next Monday 1pm, they do a Monday and a Thursday so all is looking good, thank you all for your encouragement and support made me feel good today ;) xxx

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  • well done Val , so pleased - have to admit i was a bit worried.

    So now i better find ya a big sexy hunk to walk towards - any takers ??? :)

  • Ha ha I was worried also didn't think I could do it all got to 4 mins nearly on my knees by then stopped to get breath then just went slo slow slow Val x

  • really proud of you - you dun good girl !!!!!

  • :) x

  • Congratulations Val - well done !

  • Thanks x

  • well done pet.hope you are going to get yourself rigged out in the latest fashions for your gym.best wishes to you xx

  • Thank you look forward to Monday x

  • Well done Val, I am very pleased for you . I am sure you will feel a bit better after you have done the rehab , look forward to hearing how it all goes . Su x

  • What to get up and go now ha ha x

  • Well done Val, that's great news, the best part about doing PR is you are monitored whilst exercising and you get lot of other good tips and information about managing your symptoms etc. I am sure you will enjoy :) have fun x x

  • Thanks Zoe I laughed he asked me if I had dementia, said no he said will you disrupt the group said no ha ha give me half the chance he he x

  • Extremely well done, Val. What next? London maraton?

  • *marathon

  • Ha ha a to bit far I think x

  • as we speak I have the bright pink lycra body suit packaged up, will look so good with the orange sweat band. well done. x

  • Ha ha I look daft enough now! Just need them to sort the oxygen out now another date tomorrow they are coming here at 11am thanks Val x

  • Well done Val, onwards and upwards now in lycra lol. Best wishes x

  • I am intrigued to meet the others in the group only 6 of us I think, he mentioned me being on 6L of oxygen he must not have come across a flow rate that high in his PR class before.

    Lycra shows your lumps and bumps ha ha x

  • I had to go up to 10LPM for 2 sessions when i had a chest infection. I didn't want to miss any sessions because if you miss 2 they put you off the course :-(. I really did enjoy the course but felt as though it was geared towards COPD. I don't think they had a clue what to do with me. I was checking my own sats and stopping when i needed to. Things that looked as though they should be easy proved quite difficult especially sit to stand and the leg raises. I loved the bike. I hope you enjoy the course Val, good luck xx

  • Thank you like the look of the treadmill ha ha x

  • Well done Val - bet it feels good to do something positive. When is your next session?

  • Start Monday they do them every Mon &Thur for 8 weeks ;)

  • Looking forward to it stitch x

  • That's really great Val, knew you would be ok. You will really enjoy it, find it helps you manage your condition & improves your self esteem.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Think this is going to make it or break for getting back to work Val x

  • Watch out Val - those treadmills are addictive! you go girl ;)

  • It's not just the PR it's getting out something different which is positive to help me :) x

  • The thing I liked most was actually meeting others with the same problems as me - until then I felt really alone. Hope you have a great time, P.

  • Thanks P x

  • Yes thank you my liquid 02 would only last 4-5 hrs on 6L its heavy hopefully they can come up with a solution today Val

  • I'm so glad you got your rehab....wish mine would hurry up.

    Good luck.xx

  • Thanks x

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