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Have I got a chest infection?

When I take a deep intake of breath, say when I'm going to cough I get an uncomfortable pain in the side of my neck and in to my left ear. I also get a tight feeling across the top of my chest. This has only started since the muggy weather began on Wednesday and I have put it down to that. However, I'm beginning to wonder if it's a chest infection of a sort. I am coughing more again but my phlegm production hasn't got any worse and it is still white/clear when I do bring it up. I have had the taste of blood again in my mouth when I cough but not worried about that as that is fairly common with me when my cough worsens.

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I think your doctor is really the best person to diagnose a chest infection, Wiggins. He/she can listen to your chest and lungs and understand what's going on in there. I hope it isn't a chest infection and wish you well :)

I would agree with giving Nhs direct a call just to be on safe side.

An infection, as we all know, usually results in discoloured phlegm. For many there is also raised temperature. We each know our own symptoms quite well I think but, if in doubt, I would see the GP. Auntymary x

Hi Linda, please get checked asap, doc, walk in clinic or with NHS Direct as already suggested.

I had a silent lung infection, only knew I was in difficulty when I went for a 15 min walk. Tight chest front and pain round back, burning sensation when inhaling, much slower walking, legs heavier and then started to feel unwell as I continued to walk in clinic. I had no phlegm, and only slight cough.

I was immediately prescribed anti bios and steroids, it cleared quickly thank goodness.

I'd had a burning sensation when inhaling, on and off for about 2 weeks previously but didn't do anything about it because it would come and go and not present persistently.

Don't delay, get someone to listen to you lung today or tomorow if you can.

Take good care. Please let us know how you are.

Dont delaty and if you have any kind of tightness across your chest you have to get it checked out as soon as you can and please let us know how you get on

if you cant get an appointment with your Doc go to your nearest casualty department and have it checked out

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