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Soren nose/ blocked nostrils & sinuses

I have a sore nose too!, but it's the blocked nostrils and sinuses that are my main worry, I wake up in the night totally blocked up and feel as if I'm suffocating. I have tried Sterimar which works for a while, but have had to resort to nasal sprays which apparently makes things worse over time. One would thnk that there would be an answer out there somewhere.

A chemist did recommend sudo cream but on the label it says don't put inside nose !

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I get blocked sinuses a lot too..headaches to go with it..asked my local pharmasist for decongestant but would not give me it as i take Carbocisteine..i`ve tried inhaling steam but not much improvement.

Sometimes putting olbas oil in hot water and inhaling that helps. Vaseline is the best for a sore nose. Sudo cream, what a naff suggestion that wasn't it! Great for my baby's bum tho lol.

I didn't know that you couldn't use a decongestant while taking carbocisteine. I have checked on line and there are no known interactions shown. I will check in work next week out of curiosity.

tanyamarie..that would be great if you can check on any interactions...thanks.

will do.

I am the same I use a steam inhaler with Menthol Crystals it clears my sinuses have you tried an electric steamer running in the bedroom at night my daughter uses one for the children but The Menthol works for me.

Hope you get some relief soon.

After a life time of using steam inhalation and deconjestants I now just use Sterimar. The ENT specialist told me that the latest thinking is not to let your sinuses block up in the first place but to clean your sinuses up to 10 times a day if necessary. It will do you no harm and will help to keep you deconjected naturally. At night I use Vick under my nostrils, olbas oil on my top and on really bad nights a plug in Karvol unit in the plug next to my bed. I have to say tho that I have not had to do more than use the Vick for the past 9 months as I now have Boston Fern, Spider and Lily Plants which give out oxygen in my bedroom. These plants definately help my breathing. I suffer from Allergic Rhinitis which is an annual allergy, Bronchiectasis and Asthma, so something is working. Maximonkey. I also wish I had known not to use antibiotics every time I got an infection as I would probably not have Bronchiectasis now if I had kept my sinuses clear, however, hindsight and all that. Good luck everyone

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