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Cannulas/Oxygen use

I have learnt something important to me from his site thanks to Parvati (I think it was Parvati). I can still use cannulas when oxygen is higher than 3, don't know were I picked up the information that once over 3 lpm one had to use a mask, I was misinformed. I might do as others now and up it when doing something strenuous.

One of my daughters and partner coming down for the weekend have been informed that we are to watch England play their football match Friday evening, really looking forward to it (that is the weekend with my daughter not watching football !!)

Libby x

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Hi Libby - pleased to have been of use ;) Incidentally I am wondering if any of our fellow 'airheads' out there have any tips re keeping their cannula in place overnight. I haven't had too much trouble so far, though I have woken up one time with it down around my chin. Actually I think it's more a case of not pulling it around or lying on it. Remember reading a tip somewhere re pinning it loosely to one's nightclothes so it stays put better - ie with a large safety 'nappy pin' - the old fashioned kind. I have just been googling them and there are plenty going cheap enough - has anyone tried this or other methods? Would be great to hear either how others manage their cannulas/ tubing, or whether they have any issues with theirs :) P.

ps. mentioned nappy pins to my daughter last night and she didn't have a clue what i was on about!


Hi Pavart,

I remmember nappy pins........very usefull for lots of things ;-)

Hope you are well

Best wishes



Keeping cannula in place - try keep it snug under your chin with the sliding thing ha ha if know what I mean Val


Hello Parvati, I had problems with the nasal cannulae overnight, constantly waking to find the prongs laid against my cheek or under my chin. I swapped to a better fitting cannula - described as soft tipped - and now don't have any trouble. It may be worth noting the oxygen company said there was nothing they could do, until my respiratory nurse spoke to them, as the soft tipped ones cost a bit more!


I quite regularly wake up in a morning with my cannula on the floor, I worry how long it has been off, I have tried taping it to my face but that made my face sore, I will try the nappy pin idea, still got one from long ago nappy days !



The use of a mask is dependant on the individuals prescription & need.

Everyone has different needs to provide the best stable oxygen levels, Some have to wear a 24%mask at night on 1 or 2 ltrs some have 28% mask. There are many different senarios it is very individual.

If a person is having an exacebation 24% mask at 2ltrs or a 28% at 4 ltrs is used particularly if the person is retaining Co2

I have to use a 24% mask at night on 1 ltre.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


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