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Carers to get legal rights?

Good afternoon.

I hope everyone is well today - if you are in an area affected by rain and floods i hope this doesn't cause you too many problems.

There has been an article on the BBC Breakfast programme and online regarding proposed new changes to carers rights.

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow has said the changes are to help carers from being overlooked by NHS and social services.

The full article can be accessed by clicking below:

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I am a carer as well as a COPD/Asthma sufferer. When I started getting poorly way back in 2010 I contacted Social Services for help with my adult son who has Aspergers Syndrome and Adhd with a bit of Dispraxia thrown in.. Because I e-mailed them they came for a visit.. I must point out I desperately needed their help, I was so ill. They came out as they do and promised they would help my son get a personal advisor to help in areas he needed, they said as a carer I could get abit of time off by sending me to visit my dad in Scotland. My son had to have a finanicial assessment which was done but since he was on jsa and dla we didn't think it would be an issue. Anyway, they never came back, after they did the assessment we never saw them again until I had a breakdown at the end of Nov 2010 (it all began in April) I had so many health issues that I felt weren't being dealt with and my son was depressed and going off the rails to the point I nearly lost my home. Social Services said they would support us with that and never did, they did nothing.. I complained so, another lady came to see me and did an assessment for me as a carer beginning of dec 2010.. I'm still waiting to hear if I was successful in that assessment! Last phone call I had from Social Services was to cancel an appointment because their car was locked in the car park and couldn't find the attendant to let them out. So, as a carer I feel like I don't count now and probably won't when they make their changes.. I have been a carer for 23 yrs, my eldest has cerebral palsy, my youngest Aspergers/adhd and I carried my disabled ex-husband on my back for 12yrs.. I never asked for help, I was too proud to in all them yrs then when I did ask I got a runaround and more poorlier. I believe for me being a carer with no outside help has caused osteo-arthritus in my lower back, my hips are knackered, heart attack when my son went off the rails and a stroke, my doctor won't support me because he thinks I'm doing it all for the esa claim.. I could blame the copd on the yrs I smoked, (it helped with the stress levels) but that would be unfair and plus I smoked to help me through a traumatic childhood..

I just feel that no matter what is put in place to help the forgotten carers or even the non forgotten will make much of a difference..

Hi there, i can understand alittle of what u r going through i too have copd was dianosed in 2008 and bone problems due to an assault where i was knocked unconsious and car accident, thendue to accident had xray and found to have spina bifida ocullta, been on pain killers 4 x day since 2004, i too have disabled son with brain damage after having menigitis at 4 wks old, he is now 21, asked ss for plan to b put in place when i am taken ill, and was told to ring on call duty officer! no help whats so ever, his funding runs out july and social worker forgot to inform me shes no longer looking after him and guess what no one to take over, ID LOVE TO KNOW WHAT THEY GET PAID FOR? the stress of his care and my illness takes its toll on u, i havent been able to get dla with my illness as consultant has lost my results and so it goes on and as single parents we need stability for our children and our peace of mind.

i wish u every luck in getting the help u deserve, i know its hard but as carers we save the goverment millions we are entitled to the the help we desperately need

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