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Was anyone else nervous about asking question on copd and emphysema?

Ive only know about this site for a couple of days and feel better about things already.Is it just me or was it difficult for anyone else to ask the first question?.I was very nervous mainly because i thought once i ha asked a question reality had to set in about my condition btu now ivr done it maybe i will understand it more and thank god ive found this site.I am still worried thogh about some answers i might get but now i will deal with them

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I know what you mean, its difficult at times I think it's best to know though! In a year I have gone from no oxygen to ambulatory oxygen now on it 24 hrs a day. Take it in your stride and hopefully you cope and adapt I have and make the best of what I have Val


The more you know about this disease the better you can look after your just ask away there will always be someone here that will have an answer or better still phone the BLF helpline they are very good.


I have sought as much information as possible. Much of it does give encouragment. Although of course with what is termed a progressive illness we do know that in time, even though it is a slow progressive illness, it will get worse. After 25 years I have progressed to a mobility scooter. And am being tested to see if I need oxygen while mobile. That will knowing my sats when walking mean a yes. But I could still live for quite a few more years, and something else may get me before copd gets me. i write a blog that can be seen at

You may find quite a few answers - and encouragment there:-)


Hi there Kay14 and welcome,

I agree that it is difficult to ask questions because in the begining we are not sure we will like the answers, but, like it or not we have to deal with our illness and the more we know, the more we understand and start to accept things. Among other things you will find that you are not alone on this site, you will find many friends and there will always be someone who can relate to your problems and concerns, so don`t be afraid to ask your questions because thats the way we all learn.

Regards Linda


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