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Does anyone use a dust mask when doing dusty jobs? Can anyone recomend a good one, please.

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Hi dollysgirl, I am very strict about what I breath, I wear a mask when using household cleaners, hair spray, garden sprays, etc If my husband's painting or varnishing I shut myself in another room. My husband gets me masks - he works in dusty environments, not sure what they are called but they have a yellow round plastic circle on the one side, just don't get 'comort masks' they make no difference at all, you need the best from somewhere like Jewsons, Screwfix, Wickes or I'm sure you could get them online.




Having farmed for over 35 years. I have always used the throw away disposable type masks which come in a pot of 25-50. As a women they are softer on the face ! This way you dont inhale all the old pollens and dust next time. Homebase also sell them.


Nothing is better than risking it very foolish to do so

Check health and safety instructions for dummies


There is loads of choice out there - just google dust masks, anti microbial masks, anti allergy masks or similar and you will see a huge variety including both hard and soft masks. The problem I had with the lovely soft anti microbial mould and dust masks I bought at the start of the H1N1 flu scare, was that I couldn't cope with wearing them for more than a minute at a time. After a while I binned them. I couldn't stand the feeling of suffocation.

My only solution for household dust has been to either 'damp dust' or buy those micro fibre dusters from the supermarket that claim to 'pick the dust up rather than just moving it around'. I have a couple of washable fabric ones, and a pack of disposable ones. I also use medical grade clinell universal sanitising wipes on household surfaces once a week. I don't sweep the kitchen floor anymore but hoover it instead. The biggest problem is cleaning the bathroom as I can't stand fumes from cleaning products. I use Ecover products for most things now, though when I can no longer resist the urge to bleach the Loo, I open the window , throw some down the Loo then leave quickly closing the door behind me. Some time later I return gulping enough air in to fill my lungs, hold my breath, attack Loo with brush, flush, and beat a hasty retreat back out of the bathroom - and yes - i look very silly doing these things :)


Go out when the cleaning is getting done that way dust is no problem saves a mask not a thing that should be for retired people only for work.


Keep away from things that make your chest bad simple as that for me


I work in the drilling industry and my drillers wear a dust mask-UC-P3V.

EN140:2001 FFP3.

That is the code for the dust masks- you will get them from any good PPE supplier.


Thanks for the advice Parvati; I too go through a simialr routine when cleaning the lavatory. I have just bought Ecover Toilet cleaner but have yet to try it out; hopefully it will make it all easier. As to cleaning the rest of the bathroom, I find Tesco All Purpose Cleaner seems to be alright - perhaps I've just got used to it.

Cantgetmybreath and stan5, thanks also for your input, I will see what I can come up on Amazon. I only really want them to tackle the huge build of dust since I've been so ill; I'm hoping that I can cope after I sort that.

Everybody who suggest that I leave the house when the cleaning is being done - well that's not an option really. I want to have a go - I fear to give in as though it would be the beginning of the end; but I appreciate your views. Thanks