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What is breathe easy?And any advice on copd please

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5 years ago i was diagnosed with emphsyma asthma and copd after being rushed into intensive care.Since then ive had the inhalers and tablets but never really been able to talk to someone about my experiance so any help or advice would be very much apprieciated i have felt very lonely and frustrated at times with this complaint as getting used to not being able to do what i could is the worst part.I am 58 and always thought i knew about life but im lost with this.It seems my life is all about thinking of how i am going to be feeling when i get up in a morning.

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Like you i have Emphysema but I don't have asthma. i also take a cocktail of tablets and inhalers daily and totally understand the loneliness you feel.

It can feel as if nobody cares or understands, especially when a chest infection comes along and you feel really ill. i would love to explain to you what it is all about but i can't - the best way i have ever seen it described was on here though.

The best thing to do is ask a question - someone on here would be able to give you their personal experience and what's more, understand what you are going through.

You will find some amazing supportive people on here

Auntymary xx

Hi Auntymary. Thank you so much for your reply it does help knowing there people to talk to i will ask more questions didnt want to sound like a moaner

last thing you are is a moaner !!! unless you ask you will never know !! i often get a severe pain in my hips and down my legs prior to infection so asked if anyone else had experienced this and was amazed at how many people had !! always worth asking hun


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Thank you ,its been a greta help already


My dad and I attended a first Breathe Easy meeting last month. It is an informal get together of people with various lung conditions like yourself who meet up monthly just to chat and discuss whatever you want. It is run by volunteers for the British Lung Foundation and you will find info of your nearest meeting on their website. There are 2 guys who ran our meeting and as they both have lung conditions they understood what people were feeling/saying etc.

Ask your GP to book you onto a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course if you havn't already been on one. It is a 6 week course where again you will meet other people like yourself and health professionals. You do exercises to help your breathing and strength, relaxation techniques, you name it they do it. Within a week of my dads first day there, they had arranged a diasbled badge for him and oxygen at home.

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Thank you i am going to ask dr about pulmonary rehabilitation courseAnd its just so good to talk to people who understand

Best to get help when things are not good from people that understand what it is like so they know what help you need to put you right again

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Couldnt of put it better myself thanks

Mine is a hereditory complaint also smoking didnt help. I found out about mine when they just kept saying id got a chest infection till it came a time when i was fighting for my life for 5 days.That was 5 years ago and still struggle to cope with not being the person i was I am lucky in some ways because ive only one dodgy gene could of got it from both parents.nice to talk to you

Feel better already because, how can you explain to people what its like to not being able to breathe properly when theve not been through it themselves.I know this because my mum god bless her said i didnt understand when she said she couldnt do what she used to, Id just say in a, i dont undertstand sort of way oh come on.I think that is in a way putting your head in the clouds not wanting your parent to be ill but then again i just didnt get it at all.You learn in life the hard way sometimes and if i can help with my experiance i will be glad about that,if its only to let people know maybe there are days when people arent up to doing anything if this all makes sense

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A very empathetic blog,so "real" Thats one of the issues I have ,cant explain what its like to family and cant expect them to all in all. TERRIFYING.

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