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Hi all, I hope everyone is as well as can be. I’ve had quite a difficult time recently for various reasons, one of which has made me aware of the importance of having an official DNR document. I have no idea how to get this, ensuring that it is correctly enforced at the time needed.Any advice on how to do this properly would be greatly appreciated. TIA X

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Hi Celat06. Have it put into your notes, ask your GP or nurse how you can do it. Sorry I can't help more. You have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Hi CELAT06, I’m not really sure how it happens but your GP might be your first port of call. Pete had a DNR mentioned when he had sepsis and was in hospital. It upset him because he was very poorly and a bit confused. Thinking of you dear friend xxx💜

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Hanne62 in reply to sassy59

I remember that, it was outrageous the way they pressured him!

My mother too was coerced into signing one (against her wishes & with no opportunity to discuss with us) on the basis that “everyone else on the ward has signed”. She phoned us in tears. My sister went ballistic and had to get it deleted from her notes.

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sassy59 in reply to Hanne62

Yes Hanne it was really awful as it was discussed at 7am when Pete was tired and confused and of course I wasn’t with him. Disgraceful. Your poor mother must have been so distressed. Why do they do things like that? It’s really poor. Xxx

Hi, this is something that you can arrange with your GP. You will be sent a copy to keep at home and your GP should notify the ambulance service. I have agency carers and I made the agency aware of my DNR when I arranged it with my GP last year.

The NHS website …..Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation decisions …..has some information .The BLF may have information via their helpline .

I guess your GP would advise .

Citizens Advice Bureaux or Age Concern ?

I suspect when you get to ninety plus it become automatic. 🙄

I was given one when I was in hospital in June after my consultant nearly killed me during a procedure to insert a pacemaker and my daughter, who has power of attorney prevented them putting me on to invadive ventilation. It is now called a Respect form. You can state exactly which measures you do not wish to be taken. For me it was ventilator and cardio ressus. I would say ask your GP practice about getting one.

If you Google UK DNR form you will find a form to print off. About a year ago I witnessed the form for my elderly neighbour. We had a good chat before I signed my part so I was clear she wasn’t under any pressure and was fully aware of her wishes. A few months ago she was unwell and the police knocked on my door to confirm I had witnessed her DNR. Thankfully at that time she recovered well and DNR was not required.

I believe you can download a form to fill in, sign in the presence of a witness....you could just download it to see what it looks like. I don't know if you have to sign anything if you do it via your GP.

Think it can also be done with a solicitor .

I'm thinking I must sort out a Lasting Power of Attorney which be a lot easier for my family if anything happens to me before I update my totally out of date will .

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Bevvy in reply to peege

I have just completed my lasting power of attorney (LPA) forms. In my last work place it was regularly mentioned how important it was that every adult has these forms completed. People think these forms are primarily for people to complete in case of something like dementia. They forget that young people (sadly) can have accidents and illnesses that mean they are unable to make their wishes known 😟

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peege in reply to Bevvy

And the 'Lasting' one is the one we need while still having our faculties so we can continue having control over our affairs as apposed to the other one (& I cant remember what the other is called 🙄) ! Time for bed 😴

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sassy59 in reply to peege

Yes do that peege. An LPA is very important and well worth doing. We have ours drawn up. Xxx

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peege in reply to peege

PS CELAT, I should have mentioned that if you do an online form or go through solicitor it should then go on your medical records. Then of course we have to allow GP surgery to share our details (unlike me who opted out, I need to change that). When I went to A&E with a fracture the triage nurse couldn't access my medication because I'd opted out so I'm sure no-one will be able to see my future DNR unless I opt back in to sharing my medical records 🙄. P

Hi. My GP filled in the RESPECT form for me and explained it all to me as we went through it. I was given a copy to keep and the GP sent one to the ambulance service. Good luck. John

Hi CELAT06, my Doctors phoned me at the start of the pandemic and asked me to fill a RESPECT form in over the phone as I had been very ill for some weeks and did not want to go to hospital. You can change your details in the form any time by asking your doctors. Then send you a copy to keep for your records.

Hi TIA if you go to compassionindying.org.uk it will tell you all about a Living will (advanced decision) it will also give you all the necessary forms you can fill in. It is all free there are no charges. I did this some years ago, I went through it with my doctor and I had it witnessed etc. There is a copy lodged at my surgery and my next of kin have a copy. This is an official document which when the time comes will have to be followed. Barbs x

I was told that (when I complained about being asked to sign again) a new DNR had to be done for each hospital admission. So with the Respect form, might be worth keeping copies, so one can be with you for each time a ambulance comes/go into hospital.

My mum had this years ago as she didnt want to be revivied if she had a stroke, living as a vegetable she said wasnt for her. My sister downloaded the forms and she did 2 of them. One went to the gp, one went into her draw so if taken to hospital it went with her. As some have said it is a different form now but am sure you can download it from the internet x

Ask at your dr about a respect form that covers DNR and other stuff so you get the treatment you want ( im in Norfolk but i asume its country wide)

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