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To Morph or not to Morph ?

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Oh goodness me definitely Morph for me ! After the wkend from hell. Unable to start duritics for heart due to being on nasty gentamicin iv + another iv antibiotics feeling bloated and really uncomfortable. Back and ribs in bits from chest infection chest clearance difficult due to pain and icing on the cake somebody had turned my oxygen down to 3% when l am prescribed 4%. If l was at home and stats dropped and l was struggling lst thing l would check would be oxygen machine never thought about it in here. No one is taking responsibility for it. Anyway decided l had had enough cue hissy fit. Result nurse practitioner came to see me on ward got straight to the seat of the problem the energy sapping pain. Took time to explain to me uses and side effects of morphine took lst dose. Feel like a new person or rather feel like me ! Pain free able to stand up straight not walking clinging on to things. Managed proper chest clearance. She explained she was giving me very mild dose advised me to look up how it was being used to assist people with bronchiectasis. Normally l am really anti drug unless absolutely necessary. However l will admit when l am wrong. So the moral to my story is if it helps use it and don't be afraid to ask for help. I know it may not work for everyone but if by reading this it helps anyone to try and get some relief itcwill be worth it. So for me definitely too Morph x

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Phew… Well done for a well-timed hissy fit.But why does it have to be such a battle?

Love and the gentlest of hugs

Kate xx

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Delamere in reply to Katinka46

Thankyou. I know and l like to save my hissy fits as it is never as satisfying when you are breathless xx

So pleased the morph is working for you. Many find a low dose is just what’s needed to help them. So sorry you’ve had an awful weekend though Delamere but hope things are on the up now. Take care xxx💜

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Delamere in reply to sassy59

Thankyou x

Some nurses seem to have a thing about turning down oxygen, I’ve had the same experience, and in the end the night nurse wrote my level, 3litres, on my prescription. As for morphine, I am so glad you are feeling better. All the best xx

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Delamere in reply to Carnival567

I know feel like putting a big notice on DO NOT TOUCH !! x

Whatever it takes Delamere. Glad the nurse practitioner came to your rescue xx

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Delamere in reply to CDPO16

As am l xx

Dear Delamere, 💐I haven’t read through your last two posts but can see you’re obviously having a tough time recently 😢 I’m so glad the morphine is helping! I think you should write that big note on your oxygen!

I hope you start feeling much better soon!

Dee x

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Delamere in reply to madonbrew

Thanks Dee it is so tempting xx

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So pleased you are feeling better, it must have been a bit worrying for you. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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Delamere in reply to Damon1864

Thankyou it is as if l can see the daylight again x

I take small doses of morphine for breakthrough pain. It can help.

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Delamere in reply to Badbessie

Thankyou it has certainly helped me x

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Pittpatty in reply to Delamere

You're welcome. take care.

What a horrible time you best wishes to you Delamere..💕

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Delamere in reply to Pittpatty

Thankyou so much x

Read the posts and makes me I think I could try this. Thanks all.Jean xx

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Delamere in reply to P-i-n-k

My main reason for rambling on is to try and pass on any information l gain to others. It has been my experience with this condition that you have to help yourself. I hope it has been of use for you x

Absolutely helps thanks xx

Why do you have to have a hissy fit to get help? Sorry you had such an awful weekend. Hope things are now looking up. 💐🌸🌼 xxx Chris

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Delamere in reply to Alberta56

I know it's really exhausting.Also l like to save my hissy fits for when l really need them x

Hiya, that was very negligent or very careless of someone to tweak your O2. I'm so pleased you had some support from the nurse practitioner and a bit of morph to get you through a tough time. Love and hugs Mrs ×××

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Delamere in reply to peege

Cheers me dears it has been a long haul this time ! x

Thats great news.thanx for this.ill read up too xx

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Patk1 in reply to Patk1

Its so good to read that yr so much better on morphine.youve had a reallly tough time.its hard having to fight for help.uv done great.hope yr soon homeIf u find online info on bronch+ morphine,please tell me as i cant find anything.


Well good for you Delamere, having a hissy fit at the right time seems to get things done and i am so glad the morphine has helped, my neighbour said the same thing. I think you have had enough to cope with and hope that settle down for you now x

Not wanting to put a downer on the party but look at Morphine as a temporary support option. It will take your life over. I was on high opioid for many years and the pain was getting no better. But my GP put me on a Opioid cessation course and believe me it was the best thing I have ever done! I do have bad days but I now have the ways of coping and do not take any pain relief stronger than Paracetamol.

Be Well

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Delamere in reply to Offcut

Thankyou for bothering to reply. I do see morphine as an aid to get me through this chest infection. I wanted to be pain free enough to continue with my chest clearance. Like yourself l am reluctant to take pain killers and rely on paracetamol if struggling. Everything comes with a price it seems. Stay well

Sending you lots of good wishes 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

I am glad that it’s all starting to feel a bit better. If the morph helps you back to where you need to be it’s a good choice. Take care and happy homecoming soon.


So glad you are getting relief, Delamere. Trust you are making progress and will be home soon. Take care. ❤️🤗 xxx

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