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COVID booster

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This is another question. My GP practice says it is still awaiting guidance on booster jabs, so don't ask us! Elsewhere I'm reading that some people have already been contacted by their GP for a date for their jab. I'm priority group 4 by the way (clinically extremely vulnerable + in 70s). I would be interested to know how many of you already contacted about booster.

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Two of my friends have ….One is slightly older than me , one CEV .They had emails , but quite a few of my friends don’t have email access only phones.

I will check with others to see

Pete is CEV and rang our surgery to ask. Apparently should be available in a week or so. We’ve had an email regarding the booster but it’s a long way to go so happy to wait. Xxx

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Oshgosh in reply to sassy59

I feel really humble reading this thread.I had my flu 2 weeks ago at Boots.( GP would have been 3 weeks later.)

I had my COVID vaccine 3 at the GP last week.

It was a bit disconcerting,there were about 30 people in the area,we keep away from crowds usually.

All precautions in place,all staff were pleasant.

I had the Pfizer,the first 2 were Astra Zeneca.

Ive had a sore arm ,but otherwise I’m ok.

I’ve got a f2f with the ILD Lung Spcialist today, followed by an MRI SCAN.

I can’t believe they have been scheduled e on the same day,in the same lucky fairy must be working overtime.

I hope you’re both ok x

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sassy59 in reply to Oshgosh

I’m so pleased you’ve had your jabs Oshgosh. Must be such a relief. Pete had Astra Zeneca for the first two but is quite happy to have Pfizer for the third. Good luck with the specialist and MRI scan. Hope all goes well.

We’re fine thank you. Take care xxxx

I had an email from the NHS last week inviting me to book a booster vaccine (I'm 68 and CEV). I have an appointment booked for 10th October at a vaccination centre. Earlier dates were available but the times available on the 10th suited me better.

I got a text and email inviting me to book mine online. This came through when it was 6 months from my last vaccine. There were several places I could choose from one of which was at my gp surgery. I booked it either Wednesday or Thursday and had the vaccine yesterday.

The delay is partially down to location. Glasgow gal here on the CEV list and not heard a peep. I won’t be 6 months from last vaccine until middle October so hoping I’ll hear something soon. CEV Friends in North Lanarkshire has started getting their boosters.

Our surgery has started booster jabs using the Pfizer vaccine. They are inviting people by text ( sims booking system) and telephone for those without mobiles. They were planning to offer flu and booster from 4 th Oct, but there is a delay in the delivery of flu vacs.In addition to this, my husband who has passed the 6 month mark has received a letter to book at one of the centres.

We also have a vaccine bus that comes round from time to time which offers a drop in service for anyone wanting a vaccine including boosters for those past the 6 month mark.

How do I know this? Facebook of course! Never had a fb account until this pandemic but it seems to be the place where you find things out. There is never anything on my GP website, only on their Facebook page.

How many 80 and 90 year olds have Facebook I wonder 🧐

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CDPO16 in reply to Troilus

Your area sounds to be very well catered for Troilus. What part of the country are you in?

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Troilus in reply to CDPO16

I’m from the North East (England)- County Durham

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CDPO16 in reply to Troilus

Thanks for your reply. I'm in NE Lancashire and we haven't got the services to the same extent as you. My GP practice isn't doing boosters, just flu vaccines. We have two vaccine hubs doing the boosters but no bus. The latter sounds like a good idea.

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Troilus in reply to CDPO16

Yes, it is CDPO16. It often stops in the Lidl carpark

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I haven't had an email yet. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Thank you. Picking up on your point about facebook etc, I have lobbied our MP that if COVID passports do come in the government should not rely on an exclusively smartphone solution. Many of the very elderly still do not have such devices. Even if they know how they should be used some simply cannot afford the monthly cost if they are on just basic state pension

Totally agree cough mixture. Why they can’t just produce contactless cards like bank cards I don’t know. Much easier for everyone

I'm 71 and CEV like yourself - I haven't heard anything yet from anyone either. Let's hope it won't be too long x

In Oxfordshire, my surgery have yet to do anything about flu or covid booster jabs. My husband and I had our flu jab at boots last week but still waiting for covid booster.

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stones93 in reply to Karenanne61

Oxfordshire also..... our surgery started covid boosters at the weekend, but no flu jabs. Got mine at Sainsburys last week! My 6 months is not up quite yet.

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sassy59 in reply to Karenanne61

We’re in West Sussex and still waiting. Had covid jabs 6 months ago. 🤷‍♀️ Xxx

I had flu jab at drs last week+ i asked bout covid booster - told theyll b sending for us in nx cpl weeks

Had my covid booster last week along with flu jab. Central Scotland and was in the shielding group. Affected my breathing quite badly and still feel not too well 5 days later.

That’s great you got the jags. I’m wondering if two were too much for our systems to cope with. Hope you feel better soon.

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Trishe in reply to BreatheasyBe

Hi BreatheasyBeThis is why I phoned my surgery and I'm now having them a week apart, I read at the start when they said about a booster we needed them a week apart, I was anxious about having them together.


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BreatheasyBe in reply to Trishe

Hi Trisha I think I’ll book in for my flu vaccine at a chemist near me- worth paying £15 up here in Scotland. I think the plan is for the nhs scot to roll out both on the same day and I’m not really up for that massive shock to my body.

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Trishe in reply to BreatheasyBe

HiYes I felt the same, I had booked both together, but am now having them a week apart, much better I feel.


Thank you. I hope you recover soon.

I was contacted by a NHS app to make an appointment

I’m CEV , was offered the vaccine in the first wave, I declined it but was ‘encouraged’ by my family to eventually have it when the 50+ were offered ……I’ve not had an invitation yet but believe it has to be so many weeks after your last jab before you can have it.

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CDPO16 in reply to Bronchio

Boosters are being given 6 months after the date of second vaccines.

Same as me then. My pharmacist did my flu jab and said it had to be six months from the second one which was the third week of April so it could be any time - or not.

Got a txt from NHS telling me to book via 119 or phone my surgery.

Been contacted - booster this Thursday.

Flu jab received a week ago.

I had a text from NHS to book booster which will be on Thursday at a chemist 5miles away not my GP

Here in Coventry where the very first jab was given , there seems to be an extreme lack of info. Like yourself I am in band four but have heard nothing. My freind who is merely on age as been contacted and given an appointment at BOOTS. Another freind who is almost 80 and immune suppressed is just being given excuses because she is worried about how far she might have to go for the booster. Hers is due as she is 6 months since last jab and I myself am coming to the 6 month deadline in the next two weeks. However last time I only got a weeks notice of the jab date. Hope some of this info helps. Oh my freind was text by phone I beleive and I have all methods for notification, usually contacted by text.

I’m due to have mine this Saturday 9th, so I’ll be double jabbed as having flu jab at the same time, two sore arms to look forward too!Happy days!

Thank you. It will give you an excuse not to do any housework for a few days!

I have been contacted through my gp surgery and,and booked online for booster and flu, together, I was anxious about having both together so I'm having a week before the booster.




I had mine 10 days ago. I was sent a text by nhs England asking me to sign up for one on the day it was announced.

This is it - sent 14/9

You are eligible for a 3rd COVID vaccine. If you have no symptoms and haven't had COVID within the last 4 weeks use the link to book a slot

This link is only valid for 7 days.

My Daughter has had the booster as she is NHS & told me it is given 6 months from the last jab . Think that’s in a couple of weeks time for us although had the flu jab at the local pharmacy a couple of weeks ago & he told my Husband they will be doing boosters as well.

Hi. I'm CEV too. I'm 67 and was contacted today and invited to book my booster jab. My husband 72 was contacted a week ago, and he had his jab yesterday. Good luck. Hope you get yours soon.

I had a Covid booster jab on the 23rd September as I was contacted by my GP, my 2nd Pfizer jab was done on the 23rd March. There has to be a 6 month gap after your second jab before you can have the booster. I had no side affects from any of them. Personally, I feel lucky to have had this added protection from Covid.

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