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Mostly Curious.

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I wonder where everyone is from? I know the group name pretty much says it. However, I'm in the states and reading the posts on Covid updates, it occured to me that everywhere won't have the same policies.

(I promise it is not my fault I live over here, I've wanted to live over there since I was little!)

I've always b been fascinated with Rosehall, Coco Chanel's 'home away from home." Never had the money to buy it though. This picture makes my heart feel homesick, or that's the only way I can describe it.

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Where in the States are you? I have a friend in Illinois and have visited New York and Los Vegas. We live on the South Coast of England. Not too far from Brighton.

I hope you get to come here one day perhaps but Rosehall house is a lot of money and pretty derelict I believe.

Take care xxxc

I'm in Alabama. It's horribly dirty here. The rivers are shudder worthy and while it feels like we live in hell from April to about October/November, we have no winter to speak of. I love cold weather. Yep, Rosehall is a hot mess. But you have me a thought. Maybe the fact that she LOOKS on the outside like I feel on the inside is why the pictures make me feel homesick?

Could be. I know nothing about Alabama to my shame. I wish you well. Xx

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A beautiful house which by the look of it needs a lovely of work. I do hope you manage to get here one day. I come from county Durham in the north east of England, but I live in Worksop Nottinghamshire.have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Nottinghamshire! See? That just sounds so ... Gorgeous and green!

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to wishfulthinker20

Yes it's a beautiful county but not as nice as County Durham. Have a goodnight and take care😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Avondale, Christchurch NZ. The Photo is of Christchurch in the late 50's, as I remember it, all flattened in the 6.3 earthquake on the 22nd of February 2011.

Campbell Street.

Wow! That's sad. My son just said, "Ohhhh, Mommma! It broke the church? God's gonna be mad!" He's a mess!

I posted about this last year, heading it 'Location, Location'. I received many replies from forum members in the UK but none from other countries. I am in Lancashire in England.

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And don't forget Greece 😂😂😂

I'm in Alabama, part of what used to be called "The Dirty South".

My late sister in law lived in Virginia, California and finally Texas. Sadly never had an opportunity to visit her due to work commitments and lack of funds to pay for a flight. I didn't know that Alabama was formerly known by that title.

That's right. The British Lung Foundation patients forum has some great members who keep us updated with the latest news & innovations on lung health. Even here in the UK our different countries have different covid rules its hard to keep up with eachother. I live in England, some of my family are holidaying in Wales so whilst they're there they follow Welsh rules.

We love to welcome members from other countries and cultures . I've also got family in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati and Michigan lakes. My husband's older brother emigrated in the 60’s....(3 or 4 wives & 4 sons😳)! I'm in South West England, in Gloucestershire though born & bred in West London. Where are you?

PS thank you for the link, very interesting. Perhaps you can stay there one day when it's a finished hotel.

I'm in Alabama, part of what used to be called "The Dirty South". Oooof! 3 or 4 wives! I bet he was half nutty most of the time. 😬

3 or 4 wives I can't remember exactly- not all at once though! I went to the last marriage held on Long Island but my son and I stayed in Washington DC with my nephews who were both at Georgetown. I drove us all from DC to Long Island and back. A great little adventure.

America is so huge!

I'm London born, but now live in Essex.

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B0xermad in reply to Alberta56

I'm an Essex girl but on the isle of Wight now since 2003

Hi! I am halfway between London and Brighton (ish!), almost on the Ashdown Forest where Winnie The Pooh was based. The author, AA Milne lived in the village and we have a "Pooh" shop!!😂😂xx

Oh, I love Pooh Bear! I would love to see the Pooh shop.

Originally from the UK but now in Rhodes Greece ,

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AeonFlux in reply to

My aunt lives there! It's a beautiful place. Just way too hot 😄

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Where abouts in Rhodes which village . Small world getting smaller 😹😹 😹

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AeonFlux in reply to

I have no idea 😅 I just remember being very close to the city and the beach only 5 minute walk away! Oh people are so friendly there. But I'd say the same about British people as well. It's just that us lithuanians are very shy 😄

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Doesn't matter what nationality people are were all just people some shy some like me far from shy 🤣🤣🤣

Sherwood Forest ( Robin Hood country) near Edwinstowe Nottinghamshire , England.

No way! There's really a Sherwood Forest? 🤯I didn't know there was a real Sherwood Forest! You just won the internet at my house!

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Cornish born and bred! South West England. Who knew that 2greys lived in New Zealand?

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MoyB in reply to Pentreath

I think he may be teasing us! I'm sure he's mentioned Southampton before and his trips to hospital MUST have been made over here - unless travelling in N.Z. is just as bad as the UK. Lol! xx Moy

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CDPO16 in reply to MoyB

I believe that he is a New Zealander by birth.

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MoyB in reply to CDPO16

Ah! I didn't think of that. You are probably right. Xx Moy

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CDPO16 in reply to MoyB

I recall him once mentioning it.

I’m from County Durham, land of the Prince Bishops.

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Troilus

Where in Durham are you from I was born and bred in Spennymoor, it will always be my home. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

From Lithuania, living in England for 4 years now. Really miss winter season :/

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2greys in reply to AeonFlux

Laba diena jums AeonFlux (puikus filmas). Prieš kelerius metus turėjau keletą draugų lietuvių, kurie dirbo šalia mano dirbtuvių. Kaip verslas, jie surinko naudotus drabužius ir eksportavo juos į Lenkiją. Nicos draugiški žmonės.

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AeonFlux in reply to 2greys

This is brilliant!!! Thanks for making me smile x

I live in lancaster Lancashire UK.

Good old Wales UK. Hi

Coventry girl, born and bred 😊Lovely to learn where people are from 😊

Nice to hear from you Luna Child. I left London England 21 years ago. Since moving away , I have natrulised to Yourkshir Englnd. I don't have a home anymore back in London. And my habits now are a shade of where I live. So wouldn't survive in London nowI understand that feeling about wanting a home , that's familiar. As do people the world over. The thing is everything changes in life. So feeling a kind of yearning is normal. Thank you for thinking of others.


I live in Liverpool a very exciting city, and fortunately ,not far from one of the best heart and chest hospital’s in the world.

From the uk,isle of Wight based now

Hi! I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s capital. It’s very interesting to read the difference in medical systems etc., pretty much the same!🙂

Hello, I live in a small village near Newark on Trent in Nottinghamshire, beautiful countryside and river walks for me and my lovely dog!

Hi, I'm from the beautiful West Coast of Scotland, where you'll always get a warm welcome even if the weather's not so sunny. 😁

We absolutely love W Highlands. Go there almost every year to see our lovely friends who we’ve met over last 15 years. It’s our home from home 💕

Oh!!! I've seen beautiful country there ( on the net). I still look at my mother now and again and ask Why? Why would I be born here when I have a family tree partly in places like Scotland and Ireland and Germany?😉😉

Born in South Shields, a beautiful seaside town that I rave on and on about, now living in Scotland.

I am a Central Londoner - born and bred over many generations. I fantasise about living in other parts of the Uk, as London can be a complex and lonely place as friends move out to seaside or countryside.

I live in a little Village near Maidstone in Kent , it’s great that we all get help from each other wherever we are . Lovely house , looks like a money pit though xxx

Hi........this is a bit of a teaser for someone like your good self. Boston is not that far away from here .

My son lives in New York about 3/4 hours drive further on .

I live in South Holland .

Happy days .....

Jo .......☺️

I live in Hampshire in a place called Purbrook which in turn is in Waterlooville. I have lived here for over 50 years. I was born in a (what was) little country town called Wickham, also in Hampshire.

How wonderful to hear where everyone is from. I am Australian but have lived in England for 55 years. I’ve been in beautiful south Cumbria for 30 years and yet for some inexplicable reason I still see myself as a Londoner, I guess those important years of your youth. I am more than happy to be in Cumbria in this pandemic.

I was born and grew up in South Wales (Croesyceliog and then Newport) but left at the age of 18 to work in Sevenoaks, Kent for 2 years. I've lived in Eastbourne, East Sussex for 50 years so I think I've probably turned into an English person now - though still Welsh in my heart! xx Moy

I was born in Sweden and spent the first 30 years of my life in Stockholm before falling in love with a Brit and moving to a village in Hampshire, UK.

So from city life with water, archipelago, woods and rocks on the doorstep to landlocked village life surrounded by fields and hills!

I love the life in the country now but have to admit my heart beats a bit extra for city life (luckily not too far to go to London from here!)

Londoner born and bred, and lived here all my life. It's lovely to hear we have people from all over the world here!

Hi. I live in Banbury, Oxfordshire. On the edge of the Cotswolds.

Hi born and bred in North Lincs moved to South Wales for a while, Portsmouth, Scotland, Plymouth and then back to North Lincs think I’m settled now

I’m a Mancunian, moved to Bristol with my job about 30 years ago (lived south of Bristol in the countryside). Eighteen months ago we moved to N Cornwall (immediately pre-Covid) after staying with friends overnight in a converted school, decided in a blink of an eye to buy house opposite. Absolutely love it here, incredibly hilly but walking in lockdown and beyond has had the most positive effect on my lungs/heart as well as the most extraordinary rugged coastline walks.

Hi I was born in County Durham, but have been in the Midlands since I was a year old. My Great grandson was born in the USA near SEattle, his father still lives over there . My Grandchildrens father is in USA and My youngest son and brothers family live in Australia. I am English but my family are multi national and my late husband was born in India during the Raj reign. So guess if you talk on here you will find some other USA members and other Nationalities. We are all freinds no matter what and the one thing mainly in common is a lung condition which can be yourself or a member of family.

I'm from The PEak District in Derbyshire, home to Chatswort, the Castleton caves, Buxton water and hoards of visitors in the summer :)

It's wonderful to hear where everyone is from! I'm in the USA, tiny town in the state of Florida. We're in central Florida, near Ocala, 'Horse Capital of the World'. Lots of pastures, horses and cattle, home to the new 'World Equestrian Center'. Moved here 18 years ago from Pennsylvania, where I was born. Hubs is a Brooklyn boy, from New York City. We were signed up for a tour of England and Ireland in June of 2020 but that was waylaid. Hopefully one day we'll see some of beautiful England other than in pictures!!

I was born in ,and live on the Rock of Gibraltar, British since 1704.

Ex pat born in London but living in San Antonio, Tx 🐞

I'm in Mallorca SPAIN a small island off the coast of Barcelona...

I have lived in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Nottingham, Essex, moved to Poole. Dorset in 1990. Now I live near Bournemouth, Dorset.

Hi,nice to meet you,I am a Scot who lives in a ancient small picturesque town called Lanark.It lies in the county of South Lanarkshire.Scotland is a most beautiful country ,well worth a visit.

Surrey, south London, born, and now living in South Cheshire. My heart home is in Ennerdale in the Lake District.

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