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Help with pseudomonas. Infection since dec


Ad ciprofloxacin 750 steroids stil struggling taken emergency cip 500 at the moment lots of chest noise I’m a Bronchiectasis sufferer since child

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Hi Red, so sorry you have been suffering with this since December, hope you can make contact with your doctor for further advice, perhaps give the BLF helpline a call as well to see what their recommendations may be.

Hope you will soon find some improvement.

Best wishes BK

Redrum46 in reply to Bkin

Thank you think it’s going to take time xx

Perhaps you could ask GP for advice.take care.

Redrum46 in reply to Oshgosh

Thank you I’m so worried hopefully hospital will get rid of it x

Couple of thoughts, Red:

1) Is it definitely pseudomonas causing the problem? Having pseudo doesn’t mean you can’t get other bacteria, in which case the cipro isn’t going to work as it’s only really any good for pseudo and anthrax.

2) Even if it is definitely the pseudo causing problems, cipro isn’t always the answer, particularly if the infection has been rumbling along for a while. It’s also possible to have pseudo that’s resistant to cipro, and unfortunately, it’s pretty much the only oral option - doxycycline has a little bit of antipseudomonal effect, but it’s not really effective enough to treat it. Either way, I strongly suspect that it may be that you need a blast of IV antibiotics to effectively bring the infection under control and start to feel better.

3) Are you on nebulised antibiotics? If the pseudo has properly taken root and you’ve grown it before this current spell, nebbed antibiotics are a mainstay of keeping it under better control. They won’t do a great deal to help with a proper pseudo flare, but they’re something you need to talk to your consultant about, or with whoever is leading your care if you’re not under the hospital. If you’re not under the hospital, I’d ask for a referral: you need proper care to treat pseudo effectively, and even with good care it’s difficult to eradicate, but the nebs for longer term management of chronic pseudo and IV antibiotics (if required) are only available from hospital teams.

From experience with the child, pseudo is a real pain in the bum, but it’s very slightly less of a pain in the bum if you can get the right treatment. Hope that helps a little bit.

Redrum46 in reply to Charlie_G

Thank you it’s 3 weeks of cip r and no better thy did say it might b the treatment you have said do you have to stay in hospital to have it Just so not well

Charlie_G in reply to Redrum46

Do you mean the nebulised antibiotics or the IVs? Nebs are done at home, usually twice a day after chest clearance, but you should have the first dose under supervision at the hospital as they can make people a bit wheezy and tight. They’re also a maintenance measure if the bacteria can’t be got rid of, so something you do once the infection has been treated, to try and prevent it from flaring, or at least reduce how often it flares, rather than something to treat an active infection making you feel unwell. As for the IV option, if people need IV antibiotics regularly then there can sometimes be the ability to learn to do them for yourself after the first few courses depending on the particular hospital you’re under (not everywhere offers it as a possibility), but most people stay in hospital for them, particularly if you don’t need them often. IVs is the shorthand term used by many people with lung conditions to mean intravenous antibiotics, where the antibiotics are given directly into a vein rather than orally. IVs are usually very effective at dealing with infections, and although they can make you feel a little bit grotty (just like oral antibiotics), they usually start to make people feel better chest-wise pretty quickly.

Redrum46 in reply to Charlie_G

Thank you hospital is broad green hart a chest Liverpool doctor thir seams very good iv just got to wait to see if it’s gone but I don’t think so I’m so weasy hard to breathe with it I did have pneumonia in February at the start of lockdown it’s a full 12 months.

Hi Redrum46, I am so sorry you've been suffering with pseudomonas for more than two months. I've had last year three bugs : pseudomonas, haemophilus and coliforms. My Consultant prescribed by phone amoxicilina si acid clavulanic (Augumentin) 2 times/ day for 14 days for haemophilia and coliforms. And then continued for pseudomonas with collomicyn 1 million on nebuliser two times per day. Before the collomicyn I used ventolin on nebuliser and then dissolved collomicyn with saline water. After one or two months you should have a sputum sample at your GP. You' ll see everything will be ok. My consultant said the collomicyn is working well for pseudomonas and indeed was very well. When you have collomicyn even with bronchiectasis is little bit better. Call or write your consultant and tell about it. Best wishes. We keep in touch.

Redrum46 in reply to Sandra100

Thank you your message makes me feel better I was so worried it was dec last year I had infection but no samples had been taken bad all year had different drugs as soon as I would finish it would b bad again but I had pneumonia showing up last February and by this dec a sample said pseudomonas hospital gave me 750 mg ciprofoxacin for 2 weeks a steroids. Finished them and just finished a week of 500mg I go back in April to see if it’s clear she said my need to use in nebulous she said I had a lot of noise in bottom of lungs but the weasing went bad in the last 2 weeks it wos all the time a bad cough put ventolin in Macine and my body would shake I felt like it’s getting worse not better I’m going to write dawn your meds a take them to my appointment so good of you xx

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