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Winter months could bring rise in coronavirus cases.


New research forthcoming from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine indicates that warmer temperatures do in fact coincide with slower spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. For much of the world, the winter months ahead could bring a rise in cases of the coronavirus.

"We didn't prove cases will increase over winter; we'll have to wait till after winter to see for sure," Adam Kaplin told The Baltimore Sun in an article published in advance of his research. "But we have enough information that with the temperature going down, yes, if we take no other steps, there will be more cases."

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I have NO doubt rates will increase as we approach winter.

It's all VERY dismal indeed 2greys. I don't expect that Christmas will necessarily be a time to celebrate-social gatherings, families wanting to be together and it's all got to stop as the so called "moonshine" (or whatever Boris was blabbing on about) won't be up and running by then, so until its all done on a local basis, we cannot relax or have faith in our testing abilities 😥😢. It honestly makes my blood pressure rise 😡😠 as soon as Boris or our mate(not) Matt Hancock or even some of the previously highly respected scientists start covering up THE GOVERNMENTS failings. Oohh, I do feel better getting that out of my system but apologies for using your post to let rip. 🐿🌈

2greys in reply to SquirrelsHolt

No apology needed, I think you know I have the same feelings. Most politicians, no matter their colour, are, to my mind, rejects from society. None of them have a clue what the real world is like. Even though they are highly paid, they are still greedy, the expenses fiasco showed that up and I bet it still continues to this day with many loopholes being exploited. When questioned inside the house of commons by one of the opposition they never answer the question and waffle on about what they want to talk about, I have noticed that Boris is a past master at this tactic even when repeatedly asked the same question. Sometimes it is like listening to a bunch of schoolboys calling each other names at times and these are the people that are trusted with running (down) the country, affecting all our lives. Then there is the constant hype (lies), with a world beating track and trace, dreams of "moonshots", then the world beating app that which, as it turns out, is not only 5 months later than promised but is in fact identical to what the rest of the world has been using anyway, for months.

Now Winter is rapidly approaching I am expecting, in a couple of weeks time, an announcement that shielding is being re-introduced, the 'clinically extremely vulnerable' will have only had a brief, but stressful holiday from it. The rise in cases is not just with the young now, the middle age group is rapidly catching up with them.

SquirrelsHolt in reply to 2greys

Im totally going to vote for you in the next election!! Don't even mention the HUGE salaries plus perks (5star cuisine and drinks in their "canteen" in the Houses of Parliament. ). Plus expensrs, ability to have a second home nearer to London and NOBOBY seems to keep check on this. Ok they had a bit of a scare a couple of years ago re expenses that were fraudulent......were they held to account and made to pay it all back? Um 🤔......i think not. In the real world they'd be facing charges of embezzlement or fraud. However much we can pick holes in them, to some degree they are untouchable as was Mr.Cummings and his pathetic excuses a couple of months ago. I honestly see a curfew in place , shielding brought back and most probably the 2nd wave hutting us hard as we've not learnt any lessons since the beginning of the pandemic. Bad state of affairs. Its not helping my anxiety I can tell you. Your Sharon must be very worried especially after what you've both been through. 🐿🌈😠😠😠😠😠x

Added with the news that testing will be priorities for health workers, nurses and teachers I am assuming this may mean the rest of us may struggle to get tests. None of it seems very positive 😔

I will happily second squirrelsholts election choice !

2greys in reply to Jaybird19

Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, I have several insurmountable shackles to that. You might want to change your mind.

Basically, this is why I chose to work for myself, despite being capable of being a much better salary paid employee. This guy can explain some of what it is like a whole lot better than I can in a post, obviously we are not exactly the same, it does not work that way. People with Asperger's are still individuals, some are much worse than others, so badly affected that they are totally withdrawn, permanently. Some manage to work through it okay, having worked out just what works best for them, like with this guy who lives on a narrow boat.

I totally get his thing with the supermarkets, I absolutely hate shopping and will find any excuse to avoid it.


"Autism and Me - Starting a new life on a boat to save my mental health from Aspergers.

Whatever you call it, ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, Aspergers Syndrome, it's the cause of my anxiety, depression, and meltdowns. It's the reason I had to give up my dream career in radio, and it's driven me to self-harm and thoughts of suicide.

Some viewers have asked why we moved off our first boat back in 2004. In this video, I try to explain everything, although the title has given it away already! I guess it's my 'autism coming out' story explaining how ASD - Aspergers Syndrome affects me, and Shaun. I recorded it during a walk in one of my favourite places."

you've taken me seriously ?

sorry if I upset you but thanks for the video i will watch it later.

2greys in reply to Jaybird19

No, I am not upset at all. Just another quirk, I quite often take things literally. Don't worry about it, I'm not . After 70 years of dealing with it I have got used to misunderstandings, especially on forums :)

What a lovely man I am sure his blogging has helped many people. Carole x

2greys in reply to Johnsel

We are not monsters, usually loners with being socially crippled and perhaps difficult to understand the obsessive interest with some subjects. Personally I can now spend all day researching health articles, instead of work, at the expense of doing any housework, luckily Sharon understands that some days I can get totally carried away with myself. I do make up for it though.

I am very lucky to have Sharon, we are not married and she has put up with me as her partner for 34 years and technically is now the bread winner.

Johnsel in reply to 2greys

I didn’t realize 2greys that you had this problem, I imagine only mildly and this has possibly helped you with dealing well with your health problems. You have great interest in researching which must help so many people. I wish John could take an interest in something, he used to play his guitar, which he did of an evening while I watched my soaps!, he hated them, but does watch them now. He also liked to repair watches and clocks, no interest at all now I can understand that he can no longer do heavy projects in the house like he used to do. Sorry to ramble on but I do worry about him, his breathing has got so much worse He has an appointment with a cardiac consultant next Wednesday so hope something will come out of that Carole x

I do not see it as a problem but rather as a gift. Being so called socially crippled does not cause to much of a problem as I have never know any different. But it does have many distinct advantages and ask most with Asperger's and they will say that they would never want to change themselves.

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