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Matt Hancock to bring into Law allowing Nurses and Pharmacists to give Flu Vaccine.


This is news to me, have Lloyd’s Pharmacy illegally been giving me the flu jab for the last three years and before that my GP’s Practice nurse?!😉

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The community nurse has given me flu jabs for years. As with taking blood they have to go on a training course but it's been common practice for years that the nurses and Pharmacist can administer flu vaccines. I think this government are way out of touch!

Anything to make it look like they are doing something, with associated publicity, as all politicians do. They treat all of as imbeciles. My GP’s practice nurse has done all of my flu jabs as well, although the Pneumococcal vaccine had to be given by my GP.

Patk1 in reply to 2greys

I imagine hes talking about hca,not nurses

2greys in reply to Patk1

It is rather small to read. On zooming in, this is what the tweet said:


Mr Hancok told BBC Breakfast the Government was expanding it's flu vaccination programme this year because "we don't want a flu outbreak at the same time as dealing with coronavirus."

" We have bought more flu vaccine than ever before" he said

"We have changed the law so that more people can administer the jab. We want pharmasists, nurses and GPs to be able to administer the jab."


Have only ever had injections from a nurse at my practice?

Never from a doctor.


Just debating on whether to get one this year? Spent most of it sheilding and will likely spend the rest of it shielding, so wondering if anyone else on here is thinking the same? Obviously they only guess the strain, we all know that, or should do! & it would serve zero benefit to the covid...who else is up for debate on this year? Yes indeed, Hancock and his merry band are after all only front men in politics, they are blinded by real health issues or ones we face so doubt he even read the handbook, my concerns is being lead into failure now we hit the Tsumani, as we got the tail end of it March..April..and the fallout was appalling to not just the people who died, but to the crashing of the NHS and all our health care ..and the excess deaths behind it..sinister stuff. I don't put faith in politicans, antics or otherwise and glad I never did..never believe the unbelievable with agenda's..its a faith I live by ..

Lyndenese in reply to flo1

Likewise, I've been shielding since last November due to illness, and I do not plan on my first and only outing being to get a flu jab. It always makes me ill for the winter, and I've always wondered whether to stop having them, but was too worried in case I was wrong. But I feel too at risk to visit any health care professionals in order to get the vaccine this year with Covid still very much uncontrolled in the community so I will remain shielded and keep my fingers crossed I've made the correct decision.

Matt Hancock proves they have no idea what they are talking about regarding the NHS and vaccines. All the pharmacies and Nurses have been doing the flu shots for years.... Trust me I'm a 15 year long patient in receipt of nurse driven flu vaccine lol.

Response in reply to Lyndenese

I have heard that some practices give the vaccinations outside so perhaps your nurse can do that - or they could do a home garden visit? Everything has changed now so perhaps they will be accommodating.

A nurse has done my flu vaccine too 🤔

Who does he think have been doing it for years!? 🤦‍♀️

You couldn't make him up could you?! His surname would be more fitting if a "d" was inserted in the middle (if you get me! ;) !!). I for one will definitely be getting the flu jab! Any protection against as much as possible please! xx

2greys in reply to leo60

Or maybe just change his first name to Tony.

leo60 in reply to 2greys

Mmmmm ‘cept TH was clever and witty! 😂😂 xx

2greys in reply to leo60

That he was. I still have all 6 series and the specials of his old radio shows. We used to listen to them on board the yacht during holidays on the Broads, moored up in the evenings.

leo60 in reply to 2greys

I can just picture it! How lovely, a yacht on the Broads, sunset, a nice glass (or six!) of your favourite tipple and Hancock's Half Hour! My Dad used to listen to it, I didn't really get it at the time, but now …. what genius!xx

Ian1967 in reply to 2greys

Hi 2greys, no Tony Hancock was a true comic genius, whereas Matt Hancock is well, I’ll leave to fill in the rest!😂😂

2greys in reply to Ian1967

In the daily press briefings we occasionally had Hancock's half hour.

Lol..What change in law? As a nurse I gave flu jabs, set up and gave IVs etc. My daughter works in a chemist they have been giving jabs for years.

Yet another lie. Day after day, lie after lie.

We had ours done at Tesco Pharmacy last year!

No, you really couldn't make it up! It doesn't give me much faith in the man.

xx Moy

catgirl1976 in reply to MoyB

I take what he says with a grain of salt!

News to me too, my surgery usually has flu clinics starting in September mainly manned by nurses. I have had mine done by on site nurses at work in dementia services, practice nurses ,and GPs. This year I am told I may have to wait till October although an at risk patient. Matt Hancocks Quote only adds to the confusion, I need the flu jab for health reasons to prevent extra pressure on the NHS not merely because this year is different. My last jab was done September 2019 so is due in the next two weeks along with many other patients who have it every year . So far I have had no appointment message although Boots Chemist is doing jabs already as are other surgerys in my area. I need warning as I need to arrange transport to get to the surgery and back. So much for the comments patients are not attending hospital or GPs for routine services. Normal services have not resumed in most NHS routine departments as the customers reports verify, it is still only running an emergency service which is understandable due to distancing and isolation needs by key workers.Sorry for this long one but I like many others is getting fed up of my medical needs being overlooked while others suggest all is normal. This is not fair to patients or staff who are employed to meet their needs.

No it's not fair is it when you feel you're getting pushed to the back of the queue ad infinitum by the health service!

The way the health service is run is inefficient even when times are good but no it's not fair though when the chronically ill keep getting their appointments postponed to some unknown date in the future and feel forgotten about.

Thank you, nobody seems to see it from the patients point of veiw only following orders . Enjoy your evening.

Kakariki in reply to katieoxo60

Your so right my appointments from March to see the Hospital consultants continuously keep being cancelled .I've no chance of getting a face to face appointment with my Doctor so I too am frustrated by such comments

catgirl1976 in reply to Kakariki

Its not fair is it when you have psyched yourself up for an appointment only to be told at the last minute its cancelled!

katieoxo60 in reply to Kakariki

A lady I know has just had her physio re routed from phone to face to face later this month but it could still get cancelled like yours no doubt. Next thing we will be told its delayed due to winter illness/flu/noravirus. However if you can afford private or have health insurance you can be seen very quickly, maybe even by the same consultant as the NHS appointment would be.

katieoxo60 in reply to Kakariki

Good luck with the appointment , hope it does not get cancelled fingers crossed for you.

Hi Ian😳

Well well, my pharmacist has broken the law now all these years!

I have problems hearing anything he has to say, MH, I begin to doubt myself😁😂😂

Ian1967 in reply to Gingerapple

Hi Gingerapple, I’m now considering contacting a lawyer to sue Lloyd’s Pharmacy and my GP practice nurse for illegally vaccinating me for the last five year’s😂, you really couldn’t make this up could you?!

I await the next government announcement with baited breath, maybe Transport Secretary Grant Shapps will announce he has invented the wheel and is going to patent it!😅😅

Gingerapple in reply to Ian1967

😁🤣🤣Yes, you never know what's coming next, it's like the Muppets Show😆😂but not as funny😄I'm keeping an eye out for the next MH-Blunder🤣🤣

Angelagone in reply to Ian1967

I suspect anyone with a first aid certificate knows more medicine than MH.

Matt Hancock talks a load of crud!

Remember back in March when he caused a lot of upset claiming all over 70s supposedly were to stay at home for 4 months due to covid and it wasn't true!

Well, that was shielding and at that time no one really knew anything, except to stay at home, but they forgot the care homes😔

Last year five nurses at our surgery were giving the flue vaccine and I and two others were controlling the traffic. This year I have booked at Boots as I think it might be a long wait at the surgery.

I have booked at boots as well as with all due respect to the doctors surgeries they're not the most efficient of places!

Take what Matt Hancock says with a grain of salt as he talks a load of crud!

I thought that's why the surgeries employ nurses to give injections and things.

Yes I've had mine done by pharmacist and practice nurse too 😄

What a complete Cock Hancock is I couldn't believe what I was reading indeed I had to get my wife to verify to me who actually was giving me my flu jabs all these years " Nurse" she shouted "is your memory going as well as everything else "...

Ian1967 in reply to Kakariki

catgirl1976 in reply to Kakariki

I think he's a stupid bastard myself!

cargirl1976 I couldn't agree more x

Our ginger tabby baby would do a better job as health secretary than that moron!

and my tabby Lola little paws x

They always have 🤔

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