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Shielding ending despite increase in infection!


What a load of tosh... Virus is on the increase again... Planned relaxation of restrictions postponed but the shielding of the vulnerable is still ending tomorrow... Makes no sense... Absolutely disgusting...! Don't get me wrong I'm fed up with being indoors but to put us at risk now after all this time is ridiculous...!

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We can all decide for ourselves Mikey and just stay home, going out only if really necessary. We have to keep ourselves safe.

Take care xxx😘

moogle in reply to sassy59

The problem is with those that will be forced to go back to work they don't have a real choice sassy59

Mikeyb955 in reply to moogle

I'm just waiting to be told I have to go back to work and I work in a hotel... And yes I'm worried I'd be foolish not to be...🙄

sassy59 in reply to Mikeyb955

That is a worry Mikey. I don’t envy you that conversation. Xxx

leo60 in reply to Mikeyb955

I have to return to a Tesco checkout on Tuesday. I missed a call from occupational health (it rang off after 3 rings!), so I will be calling my doctor on Monday. Good luck all xx

sassy59 in reply to moogle

No I know that moogle, I was speaking generally. Going back to work is a real worry for many. Xxx

I'm unexpectedly back to work on Monday. I work in a supermarket and I am dreading going back.

I'm hating the idea also , who do you work for and have you been given any clues as to what to expect? xx

I work in a supermarket that shall remain nameless (for now!) I did have a meeting this week but I was so overwhelmed by the feeling that instead of going back to my old job, so many things have changed that I feel I’m going to be starting a new job. Maybe things will become clearer once I’m actually there. It seems like it’s going to be more work and more complicated because of supply problems and so on. I’ll have to wear a mask and gloves, customers have to wear a mask and sanitise their hands before coming in, but there are no plastic screens as far as I can understand. Good luck to you too 🤞

Thank you HH. I am due back at a checkout on Tuesday. I am going to go and have a snoop tomorrow. If I don't like what I see, I will be straight on to my manager and will not go back until I am happy. Have you any thoughts on the aircon thing?! Best of tomorrow xx

Thanks. 😊

I’m not sure about the air conditioning and ventilation or even what’s going to be happening with that. Some hotels are not using their air conditioning systems, I don’t know what’s happening in shops. So many unknowns!

I know! All the best for tomorrow, let me know how you get on! Will be thinking of you while I have a snoop at work! May even try to hide behind a mask, sorry, face covering! 🤞🏻👍😎 xx

Still need to observe safe distance, mask if U can in shops, public transport etc and of course keep washing those hands.

Do what you need to do to stay safe and well.

I was told, not advised, but told, that I must continue with shielding by my Oncologist earlier this week. Who should I listen to, the Government advice or a consultant, an expert? A no brainer. I had already made my mind up to stay at home anyway, but on Monday I was told it was imperative to stay at home, other than for a forthcoming PET scan, again. Even the followup appointment for that scan is to be done via a telephone call again. The Gov are following the science so they say, but my evidence says this is just not so.

People will have to make their own minds up, whether they feel safe to go out again. There are those that live in small countryside communities, where there have been no cases, they might feel safer than those living in big towns and cities. There are those that are natural loners, those that desperately need social interaction and some are born gamblers. There are those that are really vulnerable to other infections anyway, even before the pandemic started. We are all different, the pause to shielding is just another example of "one size fits all" that the Gov are so fond of using.

MacColl in reply to 2greys

I agree with you totally. No such thing as one set of rules will suit all.

My oncologist is the one I'll take shielding advice from. Thankfully, I'm self employed so can muddle through that aspect of things, but he made it clear from the start of treatment that I needed to stay safe during chemotherapy, and anything else that could leave me vulnerable. We were told that neither of us should go out, or let anyone except the visiting nurses into the house until he's happy with things.

He did encourage me to carefully go for really short walks last week, but only when using a mask and staying clear of other people etc. This is because of muscle weakness in my legs with being ill so much. Getting rather short of breath though even with a really short walk, so he's now looking for the cause. In the meanwhile, I'm walking around the garden, which in reality is probably further than around the corner and back outside!

He wanted to see us face to face, but consults in a separate building to the main hospital, and it's one kept totally free of any infection. They wear full PPE for consults, and we are expected to wear masks and sit some feet away from him.

Having spent 27 days in hospital with treatment related problems, and had never ending courses of steroids to cope with the various ailments since last autumn (hepatitis and pneumonia being two), both the consultant and me are keen that I try and get off the steroids at least. Slowly seem to be succeeding with that.

Not sure what comes after the chemotherapy finishes in regard to boosting the immune system or further treatment, but we'll always follow his guidance.

2greys in reply to MacColl

Reading between the lines, I think that my Oncologist suspects strongly, without saying anything, that a large nodule that I have had for a couple of years has finally become malignant and that I am going to need more urgent radiotherapy.

I have had continuing problems with my upper right lobe for 9 months now, since having pneumonia. Of course, Covid put paid to the normal course of investigations, delaying it until now. But it is what it is, there is now a window of comparative calm where hopefully any treatment and followup scan can be done before the Winter. With the inevitable rise in infections of Covid, Influenza and Pneumonia etc putting the hospital back under strain again.

I was self employed at one stage so I know just what you mean about flexibility :) I was still working until the shielding started. I am now 70 and cannot see me ever working again as much as I enjoyed it, Covid aside, my breathing is just too bad the Emphysema is now very severe.

MacColl in reply to 2greys

I started almost a year ago with immunotherapy for two separate primaries, plus two lymph nodes. The immunotherapy was working, but after the second treatment in early October, I got hepatitis (as a side effect from the immunotherapy) just over two weeks later, I got pneumonia and was in hospital for another two weeks.

Saw the oncologist in January, and as things did have a small improvement, she decided to give me a 3 month rest to build up for chemotherapy which she planned to begin in mid-April.

First week in April, I woke up in hospital again, but with no visitors, and was told I'd had a seizure due to a newly found brain lesion! Awful shock in many ways.

At that point, I decided that because I'd had private insurance for years, I'd use it now. The respirologists doing investigations such as a PET scan, Ebus etc. up until then worked for both the NHS and also BUPA (had I needed that), but the one I was assigned to for chemotherapy was NHS.

I already had one with an excellent reputation in mind at the same hospital, so the change was simple. Didn't meet him in person until two months ago - only lengthy phone consults initially, but we find him to be a very pleasant and easy chap to talk to. He is considering beginning immunotherapy again in future (scary!) ....perhaps trying the same, or another - he's not yet decided. Still thinking about radiotherapy too. Hopefully still some decent options.

It all meant that MRI's. CT's etc., could still be done, and the chemotherapy has been done every 3 weeks here at home by nurses. I'd even considered dropping the health insurance in the past two years as I was working less, and thus earning less. So glad I didn't!

I'm 70 too, but working at home has never been a problem. Impossible throughout the treatment and associated illnesses and then side effects (which have been very unpleasant), but I'm hoping that once the side effects start to subside (one more treatment of this lot to go), I may find that I can work with a steady hand!

Having had these immune related ailments, steroid treatment (which we're trying to slowly cut back to zero), immunotherapy and then chemotherapy, I don't have a strong enough immune system to risk coping with any virus/infection if it can be avoided, and had a letter informing me of being Shielded last March.

There's even talk this week of my tiredness and shortness of breath in the past weeks being down to lowered HB, and the consultant wondering about a transfusion (not keen on that idea) - I still think it's side effects from the drugs. I do hope so - poor breathing is an absolute pain, and not to be taken lightly. So limiting!

Because of the extreme side effects I had, the treatment had to be cut by 20%, and then 50% strength, but didn't make much difference to the side effects. It had halted any further growth or spread though. Last Wednesday was my 5th treatment, and this time only one drug was used - so far, the side effects are minimal in comparison. Seeing how it goes before we go ahead with the 6th and final one of this course.

I hope you get things investigated and a treatment plan in place very soon - we all have similar yet very different needs to stay well/improve our health. The hope is that things such as Shielding will be retained for those who will benefit or stay in better health because of it!

Yatzy in reply to MacColl

Pleased to know that your latest chemo is a little more tolerable, Trisha, and sounds as though you’ve gained confidence in your new oncologist too. All good ❤️ Penny xx

CYMROBOY in reply to 2greys

Spot on 2greys! The Chief Medical Officer for England made a statement earlier this week that, if I understood correctly and I believe I did, declared that we have now "reached a point where any further relaxation of restrictions is likely to lead to an increase in infections". The media, while reporting this, do not appear to have grasped the enormous significance of this statement. It appears to be, at last, an honest tacit scientific declaration that recognises what many thinking people have already realised; the virus has become endemic. The politicians should now be honest and grasp this particular 'nettle'. Each one of us will, as 2greys suggests, need to assess our own personal risk during this pre-vaccination period and, indeed, to some extent thereafter


We all need to do our best to stay safe just a case of common sense. You must do what you think is right for you. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈

It’s ok if you have the freedom to keep shielding. It’s those who have to go back to work or otherwise have no income that it really hits!...bills don’t pay themselves,rent and mortgages still have to be paid. Unfortunately SSP stops with the shielding pause too so that also gets taken away leaving people with no choice! It’s tough!!!

The shielding was never about us, it was about protecting the NHS from us. People who have to work, I feel for.

Mikeyb955 in reply to Angelagone

To be fair I'd like to think it was about both parties which is why I find it so difficult to understand why Boris is willing to put us at risk again... An don't get me wrong I'm quite happy to finally be allowed out just don't want to pick it up and put my partner who has severe asthma but not severe enough to be shielded at risk... But as she is a key worker working with the elderly i'm worried for her and the ppl she cares for... But I will have no choice but to go back to work once my employer deems it safe... However in the environment I work in (hospitality)... there is no way that they can make my place of work completely Covid free despite thier best efforts... 😕

2greys in reply to Angelagone

What makes me really angry is the way Boris stands up at the dispatch box and repeatedly slams his hand down, spouting what a huge success the Government's response to the virus has been.

SquirrelsHolt in reply to 2greys

TBH 2greys I'd personally like to put Boris in his Dispatch Box and post him off ( without a stamp and no return address). Trouble is finding him (unless at his lecturn being the man with the Pinocchio nose). His buddie the elusive Mr. Cummings is still looking for a face mask whilst planning a knees up for all his buddies tonight - don't worry about social distancing, I'll just give a lenghty,boring, mind draining ,hour long press conference in the gardens of No.10..........DESPICABLE.

What was it Track Taste, Trial by Testing well whateverBoris has got it wrong on 3 occasions now. Its Test Track and Trace isn't it Boris?

OMG......writing this I've been so annoyed that I've had to start the pursed lip breathing technique before my anxiety hit the roof.

We will get another full lockdown and it will add another number of weeks before i can visit my lovely Dad in the Care Home. But Boris you have no experiences of us ordinary, some medically challenged people and just how non-transparent your government is.

Sorry @2greys i never meant to hijack your post but it had been building up for a while now. Apologies. 🐿🌈

2greys in reply to SquirrelsHolt

I can see Boris being ousted by his own party soon, his regime is not doing their party any favours whatsoever. If they are not very careful the fallout from the pandemic might see them falling into obscurity. Just as happened to the Liberals after The Great War.

I dont envy you, must be a huge worry. The decisions just all seem to be so random or could it be the economy is priority now ?

leo60 in reply to Angelagone

I think that after trying to appease everyone, the economy is now at the top of the list! These are the Conservatives we are talking about! xx

My heart goes out to the people who have to work. I'm grateful that I'm of pension age.

If you have to go back to work , it’s probably worth having a video call first with the manager of your unit If you can , to discuss what measures are in place to protect you , so you can return with confidence rather than fear . I feel if everyone you connect with is aware , then things can be helped and moved forward in a less fear drawn way perhaps. What work do you do ?

I’ve been anxious as well. I’ve spoken to my doctor (phone) who in the first instance asked if my company had done a risk assessment for vulnerable employees (which they should do and they haven’t) and secondly, although I am able to work from home (and have done since March) will cover me with a sick note if forced to go into the office. Not a sick note to not work, just to keep me away from any risk. Speak to your doctor first, then with your employer and take it from there. It’s also worth looking at the legal side of the employers responsibility. If you google it you should find useful information. I hope it all goes well for you

PS Throughout the pandemic I have always kept constant contact with our companies HR dept and have also sent copies of all the government and local council letters

Hi Mikey

I totally agree and I put it down to 1) Sheer government incompetence and 2) the selfishness of those who have been habitually disregarding the social distancing measures, thereby putting all of our lives at risk.

Be safe


ps: It makes me wonder what the police are getting paid for.

sassy59 in reply to COPD123491

The police are getting paid to do their job, catching all sorts of deviants in this fair land of ours and trying their best to keep us all safe including themselves. I should know, my son is a police officer and I’m a proud mum. Let’s support the police, not knock them. Xx

Hacienda in reply to sassy59

Hi Carole, I said this with PC Andrew Harper in my mind who was recently Murdered and I have just this Morning sent a Message to his Mum Deborah, via My Son's Memorial Page. it Beggers Belief that today People can undermine our Police with Comments that are Damming. Hope you & Pete are well. I'm quite poorly at this moment. Sending Love, XXX C.

sassy59 in reply to Hacienda

Yes me too Carolina. That was a terrible thing that happened and my heart goes out to his family. People always have lots to say about our brave police officers but they still expect them to be there for them.

Thinking of you dear friend and hoping for better days ahead.

We’re ok thank you. Love and hugs. Xxx💖❤️🌈

Hacienda in reply to COPD123491

Your PS: makes me very Angry. My Son has gone back to Policing . called from retirement , to help during this Pandemic to Honour his Queen & Country. 26 Years Service, I may add less Pay and losing some pension, But it's People Like Him That Do it to protect YOU.

Hi Mikeyb955,

I live in Sandwell where there is an increase in cases, there is no way I am going out. I live to close to the area where it is going up , so government can go to hell. I really feel for those in hospitality. Look at what happened in the pubs in Stone. I hate to say but I think they should shut pubs back up again.

Stay safe 🌈


Ozzydiamond in reply to JanBis

THose living in areas where there is an increase , such as Bradford, have been advised to continue shielding for a further too weeks. This is in Bradford so I assume it applies to those other areas too.

I have to go back to work on monday and i am a support worker

I agree entirely Mikeyb955.

What makes them think, we won't catch it now, we might just as well not shielded at all, we are more likely to get it now, as nobody is self distancing, holiday makers from everywhere all over the place.

I have been told by my manager I have to go back to work next week.....bit by bit.

I work in a nursing home so social distancing impossible.

Scary times 😦

I work in a nursing home too but my consultant had said he doesn’t want me to go back to work as a carer. Saying that I have multiple health problems...4 of which came in the extremely vulnerable category.

Hope it goes ok for you! Please speak to your doctor if you are worried!

It doesn't look like I'll be going back anyway now as talk of reintroducing shielding.

I don't really have any choice when I do have to go back tho as financial support being stopped soon.

I too have been shielding, my husband was furloughed by his company because he had caring responsibilities for me because I couldn't do things myself. Now it's ended he's due back in on Monday. I am really scared he delivers food into canteens in factories all over the North West Manchester, Burnley, Blackburn, all around those areas, where they have localised lock downs, and yet he will still be expected to go there.

I don't know what makes the Government think we will not contract this. And infection rates are going up. Scary, worrying times.

Keep safe all.

It’s rubbish now we have no protection no safety net my employers have said back to work and no way is it COVID secure and I can’t wear a mask all day for 8 hours worst year of my rubbish. Infections rising people don’t care. Go abroad that was the most idiotic idea as if young people will remember a pandemic in the bars and pool parties!!!!

My heart goes out to all of you who have to go back to work . It's really not safe out there , to many selfish people . 😥

I have been told I have to return to work. A risk assessment and Occupational Health assessment both conclude that the hospital is covid safe and by wearing a mask! I can resume my post without any alterations or exceptions as per government guidelines . (1 mtr + distance the + could be a hairs breadth!) The fact that I was deemed extremely clinically vulnerable makes me no different to anyone else.

Despite my many written requests for a no contact role for a while I’ve been ignored and constantly ‘reassured’ that my workplace is COVID-19 secure!

So I have agreed to go into work in Friday to do a training session and also observe all the safety measures in place. I can’t wait to see how patients are doing ( it for themselves)their own operations,observations,procedures ,treatments, sutures, bloods,etc .

I can’t wait to see what i will actually do all day 1 metre away from a patient.😳


Ive also got my resignation ready to give in when I’ve seen enough.😞

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