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What are the black thick mucus parts coming out of my nose?


Hello pals,

I am an asthamtic 27 yro girl for 9 years now, been controlling my symptoms very well. I started to smoke for 4 years now. It's been a month now that my sinuses get dry and blocked at night that i cannot breathe but through my mouth. So I went to the pharmacy and they prescribed a nose cream for me, the one that prevents nose bleeding, since the very first application today my nose got better but I noticed a thick charcoal grey/black discharge coming out of my nose. Could that be the residues of smoking and tar or my eyeliner debris that stayed in the back of my nose for so long?

I apologize for the long post.

Thank you in advance.

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Stop smoking .

Please please please try and give up smoking... It can only cause you problems you don't need. Probably not the easiest thing to do, but give yourself a challenge, we are all behind you xxx

I once noticed when I blew my nose that there was some blue in it then realised I was wearing blue eyeliner. Pollution & yes smoking can cause black mucus.

Ps old blood can be black in colour too


I smoked since the age of 15 - some 50 plus years - that is until December 2016 when I had my first hospital admission with a nasty chest infection (I have asthma/COPD) which made it extremely difficult to breathe and believe me when I say the whole episode "scared the pants off me" so much so that I stopped smoking by going "cold turkey" - a lot easier than most people think especially when you are in the right frame of mind and I certainly was.. There were no overnight miracle cures but hopefully I have been able to slow the progression of the disease a little.

I still miss smoking sometimes but that's only to be expected but I would not dream of taking up smoking again - EVER and no I'm not any richer by not buying cigarettes.

So please stop it before your asthma progresses to something more - you won't regret it.


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