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IPF? Shielding?


I registered with the government as per advice, well I just received their response and here it is: "corona virus support: you registered as clinically extremely vulnerable, but had not received a letter from the NHS to confirm this. We'll share your details with the NHS.

If the NHS defines you as clinically vulnerable , the NHS will contact you. Your GP will be informed.

If you told us you need help getting food and supplies, but you are not on the clinically extremely vulnerable list we'll share your details with supermakets. They may be able to help. If you need support urgently, please contact your local Authority. "

There you have it. I contacted my GP surgery, they don't know anything about such letter and they were, I got the impression, annoyed when I tried to explain the government's advice. So according to the NHS, the fact that I, and people like me have a terminal disease and at high risk of contracting the virus is not here not there. I'm going to be cynical here, if we all die the government will be better off, no pensions to pay no medical expenses.

I have been unable to get any free slots in the supermarkets to either have food delivered or to click and collect, my 80 year old husband has been scouring the supermarkets to buy food, what a sad state of affairs and isn't even a third world war!!

Well I sign off for now, with a very breathless satisfaction that I got that out of my chest.

Just take care ❤ and don't despair.


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I had a similar response from my GP surgery! They must know that there are people like us who need answers. I don't understand it. When I try to go on the welsh government site for informstion, it says no internet. Its just not available.

There will be lots of advice on TV but it doesn't always work in reality.

I truly feel for you both and hope you get answers too!

The communication is appalling isn't it!

When you try to get information to help you come up against a brick wall.

I'm just hoping that things get better. I'm lucky I have a daughter living nearby. .Others are not as lucky.

Its like a word game where you haven't had the rules explained to you the rubbish communication to those who are ill and need the home deliveries!

I haven’t found any help from the supermarkets by being one of the “shielded “.

Thought they were going to contact us.

Have I got that wrong?

Pete has the same message and GP not interested. Shopping for us personally is impossible but our daughter has managed to get a click and collect slot on Sunday. No idea what happens after that but we’re ok and doing well.

Stay safe. Xxxx

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That's good getting a click and collect slot for Sunday.

I won't be going to any supermarkets unless I have no other choices or I am really desperate after last week at Morrison's!

I find the co op are great for things like bread and milk.

I think the communication is dreadful myself saying one thing and doing another and its like playing a word game when you haven't had the rules explained to you.

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I don’t go out as can’t risk infecting Pete. Our daughter is a star and we’re so lucky to have her nearby.

Take care and stay safe. Xxxx

Iceland are now doing next day delivery, they as if you are self isolating or vulnerable. I have an order coming tomorrow.

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Thanks for the information, I will try them 👍

When I went onto my Local Councils web site, they had information on their Local Charity Hub, and a contact number for Food box delivery and volunteers. Worth contacting yours to see what they will do, explain your GP is not doing letters.

It really saddens me Margot that the government are offering no real assistance for so many people that really need help. My daughter said that neighbours dont offer help anymore but are more than willing if you ask and like most over 60's we dont like asking, please if you cant get out then do ask for help. Even go on face book and find out if there are any groups out there in your area that can assist. Lets hope this situation changes soon x

I have found iceland and Asda to be very good both ask if you are isolating and vulnerable. May not get everything but everything but every bit helps.

Thanks for kind advice. Husband got some shopping today, but really I don't want him to go out as he's 80. Got the letter today from the Brompton Hospital and again, they asked to register, well I did it, again, and I'll see what happens next. 😳

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