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Please can anyone help with this. I am very anxious at the best of times and have been given this for a cyst. I also take paracetamol for bad back and diazepam occasionally for panic. This is also with numerous other tablets for various things which I trust the doctor took into account! I just forgot these other two things to mention. I am worried about these antibiotics anyway are they ok? Love micky x

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"A total of 56 drugs are known to interact with amoxicillin / clavulanate."

see here:-

Hi mickjoan, please contact your GP practice and express your concerns. I daresay your doctor would have prescribed what he felt to be the best antibiotics for you. No harm in checking though.

Take care xxxxx

Hi Mickyjoan

I have had co amoxiclav quite a lot and have personally never had an issue with this antibiotic, although everyone is different. You could call your pharmacy and ask about interactions or your doctor if you are concerned. Hope they work out for you and you start to feel better.

Read the leaflet that comes in the pack.

Thank you all for your help. I phoned pharmacy . I definitely didn’t read pack! I don’t think I’d every take anything if I did that! Thank you astragal. I am very anxious about everything but after three hours I did take first one. Third one due at ten. Thank you again for all your kindness xx

Hi Micky, I have taken these abs often, they are very good and work for me. If your surgery is computerised the doc will know immediately if a med does not mix with your other meds. Take care Maximonkey

thank you maxi monkey, I have taking them for a couple of days and have calmed down now! it takes me a while to pluck up courage to take anything but with the help of lovely people on here I get there in the end xx

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