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Exercise is the best thing I can recommend it strong


As I’ve said before It doesn’t matter what medication we all on. COPD is with us for ever. I smoked over 40 years. I take as much inhalers pills still breathless. Only thing we can do is still take your medicine.exercise as much as you can I can assure you do Feel you can breathe better. Well I’m afraid it’s here to stay with us

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Agree.......I just finished a pulmonary rehab program of 4 months and now continuing it. I can't stop talking about a well known newscaster and his wife (Ted Koppel) who was diagnosed at stage 4 COPD and told to go home and sort out her affairs. That was 18 years ago, she started a Pulmonary rehab program and she and her husband travel around the country to encourage hospitals and other clinics to set this programs up.

Thanks for the heads up, you are so right, we all need to get off our asses.

Briancoombs in reply to pete45

Not wrong There

Janzo54 in reply to pete45

Thats so encouraging! Wow!

I agree-exercise of any sort is key. I dance, swim and walk to keep fit-everything leaves me breathless but im not giving up because if i do I the COPD will get worse, I need to stsy strong physically & mentally.

A few years ago I used to be able to dance Ceroc to fast music now I need to chose the songs I dance to-sometimes I cant dance to the end of the track and I just have to be honest about that with whoever is partnering me-I don't like admitting it. I have moved onto Ballroom now as well because its a slower pace for me. Its all about adapting what I do on good or bad days.

I dont look like I have a chronic disease and thats good-but you should see me if ive taken the stairs too fast!

Its all about pace-go at your own speed!

Everyone is different and how the disease affects us is therefore different.

Medical people who read my notes before they see me are always surprised at how well I look-thats a good thing-but what people dont see is how much effort goes into reaching those goals-like using stairs instead of lifts even when your heart feels like its bursting out of my chest!

I know all the places i can sit down if I need to when walking-that brings confidence, counting steps helps with motivation.

Theres so much we can do-dont give up!


pete45 in reply to Janzo54

Ha, you hit the nail on the head. Most of us unless on oxygen look just fine. People think there can't be anything wrong with you, as you look just fine all that despite having a terminal disease.

I agree, I use the Gym twice a week rowing, speed waking. I can’t walk outside in winter before I’m panting through cold air intake nor swim in public baths I’d be gasping from chloride.

We must bear in mind that not all people can or are able to do meaningful excercise due to their lung or other conditions. Without doubt excercise is good but I respect anyone unable to do so.

Don’t suppose we can alway rely on medication to help us . Try do what we can, some people not agile enough

Janzo54 in reply to Briancoombs

Yes thats also true-but dont give up giving up!

Janzo54 in reply to garibaldon

Yes this is true too-I have always swum even before I had COPD and perhaps that makes a difference-starting it now would be hard but again i would suggest start where you are even if its chair exercise-if our legs snd core remain strong we stand a better chance of overcoming things because we can move and movement helps circulation which helps improve our heart, health and general fitness.

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